Selling a home can be an emotionally trying experience for many sellers, especially in today’s market. When the offers just aren’t coming as expected most sellers want to know why. If you’re a selling agent who doesn’t have a system in place to obtain this type of information then you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice. When a home isn’t attracting sufficient interest it is essential to know what buyers don’t like about it and what can be done to rectify the situation. The sooner any red flags are uncovered the sooner the sales process can get back on track. With this in mind, here are 2 methods for doing just that:

Method 1 – Ask the Buyer’s Agent

When showing homes to buyers, it might sound like common sense, and perhaps it is, but you’d be surprised how many listing agents simply don’t think to ask the buyer’s agent for information. A simple email or phone call is all it takes to reach out to the agent who showed the home to the buyers. Prepare a list of very brief questions. Here is an example of some important questions to ask:

  • What initially sparked the buyers’ interest in the home?
  • What was the buyers’ reaction to the asking price?
  • What did the buyers not like about the home?
  • Ask the agent for a quick recommendation as to what could be done to improve the home’s chances of selling.

Method 2 – Ask the Buyers Themselves

This method presumes an open house. When buyers enter the home, greet them in a friendly manner and tell them you’d appreciate learning their opinion of the home at a later time. You’ll find some buyers are reluctant to share their personal information. You’ll also find some that are willing to participate, which is why it’s important that you ask each and every buyer. For those who agree to help, be sure to get their contact info, such as phone number, email address or mailing address. Prepare a list of simple questions and make it easy for them to share their answers.  The questions you ask will be similar to the ones intended for buyers’ agents.

  • What was it that you liked about this home when you first saw it?
  • What do you think this home’s best feature is?
  • What turned you off to the home?
  • What would make you want to buy the home?
  • Did you think the home was competitively priced?
  • What is the maximum price you would consider paying for the home.

Finding out what potential buyers think of a property provides vital information to your sellers, especially in markets in the Midwest, such as the Indianapolis real estate. It also adds value to your services. Sellers of Indianapolis homes for sale are dying to know what buyers think, especially when their home isn’t attracting the kind of interest they think it deserves. Satisfying this curiosity and providing honest feedback gleaned directly from the buyers themselves is the best way of presenting constructive criticism about a property. Plus, there’s the added benefit that presenting information this way makes you a messenger only. After all, these aren’t your words. You’re just reporting what potential buyers have said. And when criticism comes directly from buyers sellers tend to take it seriously.


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