For almost half a century self storage facilities has been predominantly used by American citizens.  Since the 1960s when storage facilities where first introduced to the US, the trend has grown in popularity and there are now over 50,000 such sites spread across the country.  However, the option is now becoming more popular in the UK and many homeowners and businesses are placing items in storage facilities.

The more modern warehouse style sites made their way into the UK during the 1990s; gradually replacing traditional garage style storage.  Yet it wasn’t until after the turn of the millennium that the craze really took off.  The boom over the last decade has seen many new sites spring up throughout Britain, with over 800 sites now in operation.  Whilst this figure pales in comparison to the number in the US; it is around the amount of self storage sites in the rest of Europe combined.  So what is about the UK culture that means we require so much storage space?


Whilst the economic problems in recent years have hit the UK quite badly; we do tend to have more disposable income than our counterparts in other European countries.  As a result we consume more non-essential items that can eventually cause clutter within the home.  Obviously this results in a high number of households turning towards self storage in order to keep their belongings.

Latest decor trends

Over the last decade or so the minimalistic approach to interior design has grown in popularity in the UK.  The modern trend utilises open spaces and straight lines, with the number of items on display reduced to as few as possible.  To stay in vogue many homeowners have removed wall clocks, photos and other ornaments that they used to have on display.  Of course, many such items hold both sentimental and monetary value and people are hesitant to get rid of them.  Instead they choose to place the items in storage facilities so that they can be retrieved when needed or passed on to relatives.

Smaller properties

Perhaps the biggest influence on the growing need for self storage in the UK is the fact that the average size of our properties is continuing to fall.  The fact that house prices are so high means that many first time buyers are struggling to get onto the property ladder.  In order to combat this we are seeing smaller houses and flats being built.  As buyers move into their new home they often don’t have the space to store their items and are forced to place some of them in storage facilities.  This is especially the case for buyers that are moving away from where their parents live and so don’t have the choice of leaving a few bits and pieces behind.  Due to the high price for property in capital cities, houses and flats tend to be especially expensive.  As such self storage in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh is in high demand.



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