Wall paneling has been used for centuries in a range of properties.  It was first incorporated into buildings during antiquity that were traditionally made from only stone.  The main purpose of the wall paneling was to provide insulation at a time when heating buildings was at a fairly basic stage.  Today we see wall paneling used in many sectors, from educational settings through to retail properties.  However, one sector that has to some extent avoided the use of wall paneling is that of hospitality.  This is now changing and there is a growing trend for hotels to install wall panels.  Here we look at the reasoning behind this move.

Falling prices

In the past installing wall paneling has been quite an expensive task for hotels to undertake.  Rather than pay out large amounts of money on a long term solution to their decor needs they have instead opted for cheaper alternatives such as painting and wallpapering.  However, new manufacturing methods have meant that the cost of production has fallen in recent years and wall paneling has now become financially viable for many hotels – not just the wealthiest.

Modern appearance

Another change in the industry that has seen wall paneling become more attractive to hotels is the introduction of new designs.  What has traditionally been a more staid area is now becoming more vibrant and colourful mosaics and patterns are available on the market.  As a result more designers are being drawn to the wall paneling business, continuing the cycle of interesting options.  New materials are also being tried out and it is not uncommon to see solutions that have soft fabric finishes in addition to the more conventional materials.


The final factor that has seen an increase in the use of wall paneling in the hospitality sector is that of flexibility.  As installing it is now much cheaper it provides businesses with the opportunity to buy a few different solutions that can be installed and removed as and when needed.  As a result the hotel can be much more accommodating and fluid to their individual customers needs.  So it could be that one night a formal corporate event will need a professional feel, whereas the next night it could be that a Christmas works do requires a casual vibe.  The hotel is able to cater to both tastes by simply changing the wall paneling that they have in place.


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