Is it easy to get a job these days? No, it is not. Actually, it is never been easy to get a job but the current competitive landscape has made it even more difficult to get called in for an interview much less hired. But, if you are looking for gainful employment, you need not worry too much. There are quite a few simple and basic tips which can be employed to land a job even in a very tough job market. Here are a few of those basic tips:

The hidden job market is also worth applying towards. The hidden job market is not something magical or mysterious. It is merely a collective of jobs not publicly advertised. The way to crack this job market would be to send resumes to managers and department heads of companies you are interested in. This can be a “shot in the dark” strategy but it does not hurt to try it.

Seeking the help of a headhunter/employment service might be worthwhile. Landing a job through such a service will be easy or tough depending upon the complexity level of the job you are seeking. Entry level work would, obviously, be a lot easy to land than management level positions. Either way, an employment service could prove to be the best option since the job of such a service is to get you a job.

Have your resume and  produced by a professional service. While there may be a number of excellent books out there on the subject, creating a solid resume and cover letter is only possible with experience. If you are playing trial and error with creating a decent resume/cover letter, the end result will likely be an unimpressive product. Rather than falter in this regard, it would be a much better plan to hire a service that truly does know how to put a great resume/cover letter package together.

Apply for any and all public jobs that are listed in classified ads and submit as many  as possible. Some might roll their eyes at such a suggesting because online and print classified ads are not the greatest venue for exclusive job offers since so many people apply to such listings. Honestly, applying for these public jobs is not the greatest EXCLUSIVE strategy but it should not be overlooked when seeking employment.

Do not pester the employment agency. This tip is added as a sidebar to guide job seekers away from calling or pestering the agency on a daily basis. Checking in once every two weeks is fine but if you pester the agency too much they may not wish to work with you.

Networking is vital to landing a job which is why it must be engaged in on a daily basis. Volunteer work, signing up with professional associations, taking part in educational seminars can all be ways in which to expand network contacts.

And lastly, always be persistent. Those that have a never give up attitude will discover their ability to land gainful employment becomes much more likely. When you never give up, the odds are almost certain you will succeed in your venture.


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