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AXA PPP is the second largest health insurer in the United Kingdom. Based in Tunbridge Wells, in England’s Kent district, the company has been assisting people to access healthcare services for over 70 years. In present time, it represents the largest UK branch of the French company AXA and provides health care insurance cover as well as a wide variety of information about health services to both companies and regular people in the UK.

UK Healthcare Support

The company has two major programs which offer its clients healthcare advice and information support. These are: “Health at Hand” and “Dedicated Nurse for Cancer Patients.”

  • The “Dedicated Nurse for Cancer Patients” service is a program designed especially for cancer patients, where they are able to speak in person to a certified nurse and ask for information, advice and guidance concerning their condition and treatments.
  • “Health at Hand” is a 24 hour a day telephone health information service. Through this program, AXA PPP members are able to get quick access to virtually any type of information about health issues, prescribed meditation, treatments and more, covering practically every medical field. The Health at Hand team is a group of professional nurses, counselors and pharmacists, all of which are experts in their particular field.

Private Medical Insurance

The company’s private medical insurance provides private treatment for AXA members and their families. The main advantage of choosing this insurance policy is the prompt access it offers regarding the treatments covered by the insurance plan.

The insurance cover offers the client the opportunity to make their own choices concerning when and where they are treated, providing access to a large number of hospitals and over 18000 healthcare specialists.

Regardless of the hospital of your choice, the AXA PPP private medical insurance policy will make sure you benefit only of the most comfortable private rooms and the best available facilities. AXA PPP exists for more then sixty years and has around 2 million customers in Great Britain. AXA offers many other products and services to its members. That’s why it is so easy for anybody to find one that suits their needs – be it dental insurance, international health insurance, childcare or heart and cancer coverage


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