Martin Werth is the managing director of Ageas Protect, formerly Fortis Life. He mentioned in an interview that they are happy to enter their new brand name into the UK life cover market.The managing director of Fortis Life, now known as Ageas Protect, also mentioned their more important concerns in the recent interview. He stated their objectives, strategies and plans for total protection focus are still the key elements that make up the foundation of their company. He said their product development plans and distribution network channels are still aimed at providing beneficial insurance policies and services to their customers and partners, and their customers can expect more streamlined solutions to their life insurance cover.

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This was after they liquidated their banking assets in 2009 under the Fortis Life brand. Brand name changes usually work remarkably well for businesses and corporations, a UK business marketing analyst said. Some creative directors in London have mentioned numerous times that the target groups of a company tends to think and feel that a new brand name and logo also mean better products, services, back end and front end workflow systems for the benefit of customers. Here are some tips from UK finance advisers for pinpointing the benefits added by an insurance company to their protection products after changing their brand name:


Tip 1. Compare the product brochures and materials you previously had against the details of their re-branded products. List down the differences you notice side by side.


Tip 2. Convert these old and new product features into benefits for their target customers. This will allow you to weigh the actual benefits those features can provide you. This will also help you pinpoint the exact products that were developed for you.


Tip 3. Compare those benefits against your own needs. You may not need a set of benefits bundled with a product at this point in time. You may on the other hand find some of the benefits offered by a different product useful for your family, home, other properties or businesses and investments.


Tip 4. Get a list of the most popular products from other life cover providers. Convert the features of those products into benefits. Compare those benefits against the benefits of the products already in your list. Weigh those benefits to pinpoint a set of life cover plans useful for you at this point.


Tip 5. Compare prices and payment terms or policies. Weigh the benefits you could gain by investing the same amount of resources into other profitable ventures, such as businesses, stock shares and property investments. This will allow you to efficiently improve your overall finances.


Tip 6. Make a list of life insurance quotes to review it later. This will allow you to maximize the benefits offered by those life insurers.

International markets were observed, and most target groups in those markets are said to have welcomed the change. The name Ageas Protect and their new logo are now used across their distribution networks and offices. It is also integrated into their marketing and sales materials.


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