In United Kingdom, every motor vehicle being driven needs compulsory insurance. So whether you deal in cars, vans or motorbikes, you need to get them insured. You may be associated with this business in any sense, be it cleaning or repairing the vehicle, you need to get you business insured against all likely risks.

So cheap trader insurance is one thing you should look out for. For example, you own a garage to repair vehicles. But one unfortunate day, the whole garage catches fire and all the cars inside it, waiting to be repaired burn into flames. What will you do in such a situation without insurance? Scary to think, isn’t it?

Now consider, if you had a cheap insurance to cover this up, wouldn’t your woes be reduced to a large extent? At least you won’t have to pay to the third party for damages from your own pocket and you can also recover a large amount of capital invested into the garage.

Combined motor trade insurance is the one insurance policy that can definitely give you complete peace of mind against any possible risk in your motor trade business. This policy protects you for the entire motor trade business. It covers all your vehicles, your liabilities to third party as well as your own drivers etc, the money invested by you in the business in form of premises, tools and equipments purchased. This is a holistic policy which takes care of all your needs, even protecting you from liabilities like sales liability and employer’s liability.

You have to assess you insurance needs and then look out for the firm which gives you the best cover at the lowest rates. You can even get customized policies just to suit your requirements.

One typical policy for motor trade is motor fleet insurance. This policy is used to cover all the risks related to your vehicles, be it cars, motor bikes or vans. This is a commercial insurance policy which is considered if you have more than two vehicles. You can choose from full, liability or road-side assistance covers. However, while taking such a policy, you have to ensure that all your drivers or drivers driving your vehicles have adequate license to drive that particular vehicle for which they are hired.

Do work out your insurance needs and budget before approaching any of the .




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