The purchase of laser diffraction particle size analysers by an organisation is fraught with potential danger. These devices, and the skilled use of them, are intrinsic to, and where much of the business and company actually comes from. No instrument, and you can forget the rest of the business. These instruments have allowed modern corporations, in nearly all industries, to grow into what they are today.

Science is such a brilliant career to be in. Other than with other scientists, you don’t really have to explain to anyone what you do. If you did, it would probably bore them. You go about your job, and others don’t really know what you are doing. You say the job is done when you say it so. You tell them what you need without care for budget or constrain, because if you don’t have what you say you need, then you can’t do it. Most of the people in your organisation don’t have the faintest idea of what you are doing. You can turn a month long job into a year and spend your days playing PlayStation, for all they would know. Herein, lay some big problems, for the people that are running their business around scientists. They don’t really know what they do, but they need to get some scientifically proven results. That is what they are paying and waiting for. How many CEOs of any of the multinational pharmaceutical companies, know how to use a particle size analyser?

  • Purchase Consideration. Let’s look at someone who is in charge of making the acquisition of a laser diffraction particle size analyser. That person, who is responsible for the money, is probably not a scientist. If you thought science itself was big business, well there is an even bigger business. That is the sale of the scientific instruments they need. The particle size analyser is the perfect example. Here is a look at what can go on during the research and qualification process necessary for due diligence and responsible purchase.
  • Particle Size Analysers. The name of the device implies that they are one type of instruments. There are many types of guitars, and they all play music, but we can tell a guitar is acoustic or not, just by looking at it. There is not too much you can tell about a laser diffraction particle size analyser by looking at it, other than the size and shape of the machine. There are countless models for countless reasons. Some companies even have 900 or more models, under one signature name. That is not the limit of that brand, by any means.
  • Manufacturers and Distributors. Just like the number of instruments, the number of manufacturers making them, is as equally high. The number of people, companies and agents who are selling them, is many more times higher. The most amazing thing about these instruments is their price. Try and find a price displayed anywhere. You need to get a quote after consultation. You might be told you need 3 instruments for 3 different reasons, while 2 of them do half of what the other does, and then the other one does half of each of the other 2. Try and figure that out. Unless you know all these different machines inside and out, there is no way you are really going to know. We cannot say all scientists will know, until they gather their own experience for certain circumstances, and their own experience with new instruments. They can only take the opinion of respected and trusted manufacturers and their consultants, who can analyse your company’s needs, and then recommend them for use, to your scientists and you. Let’s face it, most of the companies who are selling them, and especially the people, know absolutely nothing except for a few key industry chic terms.
  • More than a Purchase. One thing that is guaranteed when you buy a highly sensitive instrument, it will break down and have problems, regularly. Search online and read the sales pitch. ‘Lower down times’, is a sales pitch, can you believe it? Could you imagine walking into a computer store and being told by the sales consultant, ‘this computer is the latest, a little more expensive, but it will break down less”? When you buy one, 10 or 100 of these devices, you need the support, repairs and maintenance necessary.

When it comes to purchase, there is little to think about. Getting the right instrument, with the correct support, repairs service solutions and maintenance, from professional consultants, who have a history and career around the business and science related to laser diffraction particle size analysers, is your only option.


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