We all get nervous from time to time and wish we had more self-confidence. It could be just a general feeling, or when meeting new people, when in unfamiliar situations or in certain aspects of our jobs. Here are some ways that will help you build confidence in yourself so you feel more capable to handle situations that make you anxious or vulnerable.

1.     Have Confidence in Yourself.

Of course, this is why you are reading this article in the first place! But it is the most important thing to keep in mind: you cannot become more confident in the situations that scare you if you do not first have confidence in your ability to handle them.

This means, you need to work on feeling more in control of your life.

Are you an independent person? How much do you rely on others for support – emotional, physical, or financial?

Making simple changes to increase your independence, for instance getting a car loan and car insurance so that you can have your own means of transport, moving out of home, taking on a new job so you can finance yourself, having alone time to get used to your own company: whatever it is you have to do, it will be worth it.

2.     Have Positive and Confident Friends.

When people who are happy and energetic surround us, our mood is lifted as a result. It’s nearly impossible to resist that positive energy!

Being around outgoing and supportive friends – or making an effort to find more friends who are like this – provides a great example and gives us motivation to be the same. These are the best friends to take with you to an event, conference or similar – any situation where you feel uncomfortable – because they will help boost your own confidence if you are worried about handling it alone.

3.     Do Something You Love.

This applies to both work and leisure. If you don’t have job you enjoy (or at least one that interests you in some way), then feeling more confident will be difficult because there is no additional motivation.

Loving your work and wanting to grow and be successful will help build your confidence. Simply focus on what you enjoy about the job, its possibilities and opportunities, and allow yourself to get excited about this rather than the possibility of failure.

Taking up a hobby or joining a group to do something you love will give you more positive elements in your life you can focus on. And while you’re having fun – you’ll be forgetting to worry!

Your happiness is the most important investment, so look into budgeting for it: looking in to car insurance quotes or a loan for that course you always wanted to do. Make yourself too busy to be self-conscious or nervous!

4.     Challenge Yourself.

Prove to yourself that you can handle situations outside of your comfort zone.  Make it a point to be in this type of situation from time to time.

It might be something adventurous such a bungee jump, maybe it’s going traveling by yourself, or signing up to Toastmasters and acting classes. It will be nerve wracking at first but once you have survived you will feel able to take on anything.

5.     Know Who You Are.

Focusing and obsessing constantly over our faults and weaknesses isn’t helpful at all, even if it does pay to know what we need to work on.

For example, if we know it’s our physical appearance that knocks our confidence the most, then taking steps like joining the gym or buying flattering clothes will help.

Look into a personality test like Myers Briggs so that you have an idea of your strengths and weaknesses; ask your work if you can take a psychometric test.

Identifying areas of weakness to work on is great, but please keep in mind that identifying and working to your strengths is best!

Knowing who you are, what you are good at, and doing just that = a confident you.


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