Using a liquidation consultant to deal with business insolvency issues

If you’re worried about the state of your business, particularly the financial aspects, liabilities, debts, and similar issues- Don’t wait until you have to start dodging bullets before you do something about the situation. The sad fact is that so many businesses at risk of insolvency usually get in trouble simply because they don’t act fast enough to head off the problems before they become serious. They often wind up in liquidation simply because they allow matters to get out of hand.

The time factor is absolutely critical. If you can see trouble coming, now is the time to avoid it. The fact is that time can work against your interests, piling up more problems unless you shut them down at the source. It’s extremely important to move quickly, get some professional help, and avoid escalation of a bad situation.

Insolvency issues

There are a range of likely causes of business insolvency:

  • Overspending- This is all too common, particularly in new businesses, spending too much upfront without revenue to support the spending.
  • Debt- Business debt can be very tricky, and can impose serious restraints on a business, affecting viability.
  • Unpaid accounts- A chronic problem, and usually at the worst possible times.
  • Cashflow problems- Revenue and cashflow have to be at a certain point above breakeven to ensure business viability.
  • Asset values and issues- Assets have a shelf life, and they’re subject to market prices. Replacing business assets can be expensive, and if your plant and equipment isn’t able to work at a good revenue-generating level, you’ve got another problem to deal with.

A word of advice at this point- If you’re in these situations, you’re not alone. Don’t hold it against yourself if you’re feeling baffled by these issues, because they really are quite complex and aren’t usually dealt with in business training. They’re extremely common, and the main reason most businesses go under is because people try to “manage” these problems rather than actually fix them. These are highly complex problems, and they must be managed professionally. You’ll need professional help to cover all the angles. The truth is that these sorts of problems must be under full control for the business to survive. One or more of them can blow up into a crisis, if you don’t have every cent of your issues pinned down so they don’t become serious risks.

Getting the help you need

Help is just a phone call away. If you talk to a business insolvency consultant, you’ll find that you do have options. These options may include voluntary administration in the form of a receivership arrangement, or the consultant may be able to find other options to fix your issues.

There’s another big advantage to getting professional help- Getting another perspective is always a good idea. Stress doesn’t make problems easier to solve, and having an independent advisor invariably opens up other options which worried business people overlook.



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