Prepaid credit cards have many advantages over traditional credit, debit and check cards. The Rushcard is customer-friendly, convenient, easy to use and maintain. With countless credit card options available, it is important to choose a card that is best for you with your spending habits in mind.

Russell Simons, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, founded UniRush, LLC in 2003. A pioneer in the prepaid card industry, UniRush provides services that enable members to achieve personal and financial objectives. Americans, tired of the traditional banking system, are signing up for the RushCard Reloadable Visa Card. Over 48 million Americans who were once denied access to customary banking now have a means of financial services. UniRush launched the RushCard, a prepaid Visa card that offered cardholders a unique approach and instant access to a pre-selection of banking services. Therefore, UniRush’s approach for this innovative system included many firsts, such as being:

  • among the first in the prepaid credit card industry to offer direct deposit replenish option
  • the first to offer direct deposit to a Prepaid Visa card
  • the first Prepaid Visa card to allow cardholders to load funds at MoneyGram, from approximately 40,000 locations nationwide
  • the first to offer clear and precise online money tools to enable cardholders to stay abreast of their finances by following balance trends, analyzing and categorizing personal spending, and creating and monitoring monthly budgets

Russell Simmons and the RushCard have been featured on 60 Minutes II, CNN, CNBC, Fox National News, PBS, NPR, The New York Times Magazine, and the covers of Business Week and Fast Company magazine.

Cardholders have discovered the prepaid RushCard is a great way to take charge of their economic futures, without the costly fees incurred by going into debt, or overdrawing their bank account. Their prepaid Visa card is the most convenient method of making payments, tracking day-to-day spending, building a positive credit file, and managing their monthly finances. Moreover, Russell Simmons is committed to meeting the needs of communities that are under-served by traditional banking institutions.

Rushcard Reloadable Visa Card

Some people are unable to get a traditional bank account due to bad credit, no credit, or perhaps they do not want the hassle of maintaining a check book. Furthermore, cashing checks, especially tax refund checks without a bank account is difficult, besides, it is dangerous to carry around large amounts of cash. Others were displeased by huge overdraft fees which can affect credit ratings. Still, others find bookkeeping to be a time-consuming, boring discipline they do not possess. RushCard was created for those reasons and many more. Paychecks, tax refunds, or government benefits direct deposited to the cardholder’s RushCard stops expensive check cashing fees. Also, a RushCard means never paying interest or an overdraft fee again!

There are no hidden fees because a RushCard eliminates nearly all traditional banking practices. For example, there is no danger of overdraft. Traditional banks allow credit cards to go over the credit limit and then charge a fee. Debit card and check card accounts are allowed to go into insufficient funds, eliciting hefty fees. Consequently, cardholders find that living within their means, using only the money that is deposited into their account, is easier to track, thereby saving money, and rebuilding their credit ratings. The RushCard does not impose fees on check cashing, overdrafts, or on interest. There are no hidden fees because you spend only the money you deposit.



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