Since the last decade, the sale of American silver eagle coins has skyrocketed  in such a way that it has even surpassed the sales of golden eagle coins. This growing demand for silver coins is more than its supply. One of the reason for the strictly limited supply of these coins is that that the amount of silver deposits in the world is depleting.  Their decreasing availability and increasing demand makes them a premium investment. People would try hard to get a good share of these coins which have been discontinued by the U.S. government.

The American silver eagle coins are the leading silver coins all over the world. They come with a guaranteed purity and weight. People would prefer buying silver coins over bars due to the reason that the premium on coins would be more as compared to the bigger bars. While buying silver coins, a coin collector verifies a few aspects, which may include the age, the condition and the rarity of the coin. Though age is important in this regard, it does not matter much if the condition of the coin is good with no damages of any kind.

Recently silver coins have broken the past records of its trade. One might wonder that with the price of silver being $30 per ounce, investing in American silver eagle would be a wise decision or not. But as per the experts’ say, it is the most intelligent investment as of today.  The reasons for this are as follows:

  • American silver eagle coins are the only silver coins which one can add in his retirement accounts.
  • The guarantee that they carry of the U.S. government, ensures its purity and weight.Trading of silver coins is very easy, due to their worldwide popularity. One can easily buy or sell them at various places including online dealers as well as at a local jewelry shop or at a coin shop.

The most important thing in silver coin collection is the condition of the coins. The better the condition, the better value it will get. From this point of view, the newer editions of the American silver eagles are said to be more valuable as compared to the older ones, due to their comparatively bad condition. There are some coins which are not circulated much and thus hold a close to the mint condition. These coins would carry even more value than others.

Besides condition, rarity is also one of the determining factors for American silver eagle coins. Rarity is directly related to its availability in the market. Rarity becomes even more valuable due to the popularity of the coin and the possibility of a bright future that it may bring to the owner. As per the studies, the rarest silver coins would be those minted at West Point Mint in 1995. Only a limited quantity of 32,125 of ‘American silver Eagle Five Coin Set’ were produced that time. The approximate value of the set would be close to 4000 dollars today.

With its value rising higher day by day, silver is becoming a sound investment among precious metals and commodity investors.


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