Bankruptcy can be a difficult process.  It is not like when you play Monopoly, when you can just flip over your cards and start again without your debt.   Real life bankruptcy involves lawyers, creditors, courts, and lots of paperwork.  It also has long term ramifications for your financial future.  Unfortunately, in today’s economy, it is not just big banks and auto makers that are being forced to declare bankruptcy, but many individual families, workers, and small businesses.

Firstly, what is bankruptcy and why should you declare it?  It is a legal status of insolvency.  Meaning that your debts are largers than your assets and you will not be able to pay them all.  How can this happen to those who plan well, use their money wisely, and do not take unnecessary loans?  Unfortunately, with the US economy still struggling, this can happen to many of those who do just that.  Losing a job, a source of income, taking a pay cut, or unforeseen increases in expenses like those from adjustable mortgage’s or medical expenses can happen without warning.  These tumultuous events can take a toll on your financial health.  How do you get out from being under?

If payments can not be made, and debtors will not accept less or future payments, then bankruptcy may be a good option.  In fact, one should be glad that the legal status is allowed; in older days debtors were thrown into prison!  Modern bankruptcy laws in the US often allow one to keep your house for a long period of time while trying to work out your financial difficulties.  The exact mechanics of what is and what is not allowed during the period of bankruptcy varies state by state.  That is why taking advise from people who do not know the legal requirements of your state is ill advised.  Whether you are in California or New York can make a major difference in how your case is handled and what recourse debtors have to recover their assets.

Because of the complications, it is advisable to learn as much as you can about your options.  Many states require those who are filing to be educated in better financial planning.  To take a mandated or certified online bankruptcy course or to learn about your options and to fulfill requirements of a bankruptcy court, look at Start Fresh Today.  Start Fresh today has sponsored this informative article about bankruptcy options.


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