In the past, Google has let anyone post a website on the search engine. They weren’t too picky when it came to what kind of websites were showing up. Just recently, Google started to filter out the poor websites and let the well put together websites shine. There are people who create poor websites and people who create amazing websites. The ones who are putting together these poor sites don’t put much time or effort into the design and layout. The great sites are created by people who put a lot of time and effort into the end product. The sites that were created from hard work should have priority over the other sites.

The first cut went to the sites that included low quality content. These were the websites that were poorly created with content that was irrelevant to the website. Once these sites were eliminated, the sites that were created from hard work can take the top positions. The second cut happened because of Google Chrome. This new version of Google allowed users to block certain websites from their search engine. This meant that unless the site was well put together, it did not show up when they searched for certain key words. Google keeps track of the sites that blocked by the users. When Google is trying to rank the sites, they take into consideration the sites that have been blocked by the users. The third cut was to the sites without original content. These are created by people who take information from other sites instead of creating their own content.

Aside from great content and graphics, a well put together site needs good back linking. If there is good content on your site but no one is seeing it, your business will go nowhere. A tip for great back linking is to post on different blogs and forums. When choosing a forum to post in, try to pick one that will be seen by a lot of users. If the topic is important or interesting, it will most likely rank high and consumers will see your post. Another great way to create links to your site is to create a profile on a social media forum. This way, you can talk to other people about your site and your products that you’re promoting. Another method you can use to build links is to create a WordPress plugin. Creating something new that others need, your page will get linked quite often according to one .

Trying to build up your website can be time consuming and sometimes costly. Some methods charge a fee and don’t always deliver good results. The best way to build you website is to go through an SEO Company. They will ensure your site will rank high in the search engine and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It will also take the stress off of your shoulders of increasing the strength of your site. They can not only help your site rank higher, they can also help you with different tools to make your site look better all together.


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