So you’ve been given the task of planning the company conference. Now what?! We’ve got the tips to help plan an event that’ll impress the boss.

Whether your name has been pulled out of a hat or you volunteered to plan the company conference, you are now wondering how exactly you are going to pull it all together. From analysing the employee survey from last year’s conference to giving interstate employees plenty of notice, weʼve got the tips to help you plan your company’s most successful conference yet!

What do your colleagues want?

Thoroughly read through data collected from the employee survey taken after the last company conference. See if there is anything that stands out that needs dramatic changes. Also identify areas of the conference that employees enjoyed and make sure that they are included.

Plan ahead

As soon as you are given the task of organising the conference begin planning immediately. Don’t leave anything to chance or to the last minute. Planning ahead means that you can let staff know well in advance so they can make arrangements. This is especially applicable to interstate staff members. Planning ahead will also help to ensure that cheap flights can be bought and the accommodation for staff during the conference can be sourced at a reasonable rate.

Choosing the date

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the date of the conference. These are things like:

•               Will this date conflict with other important events on our corporate calendar?

•               Consider what types of activities you will be doing and if some will be conducted outdoors, avoid organising the conference in the middle of winter.

•               If budget is a concern book the conference during off peak periods to save on accommodation and flight costs.

•               Holiday periods-Make sure you stay well clear of holiday periods throughout the year. The last thing employees want when their kids are on school holidays is to be away from home.

Recruit some help

Itʼs too much work for one person. This is why itʼs vital from the beginning that you get a group of co-workers together to help work on the event with you. A range of expertise with this type of project is just what you need for it to be a success in all areas.

Organising the agenda

Once you have dates in place, email and phone the relevant upper management for what they would like to present at the conference. Creating a working spreadsheet that can be shared by all of the people invited to speak is a great way for colleagues to watch the agenda grow, and give people an indication of what time frames are left for them to take to the stage.

The fun stuff

No staff conference is complete without some fun activities. Make sure that you enquire about the facilities in the area you will be staying at and what are some of the things that you and your colleagues can have fun doing during down times.

Follow up

Just like a good employee satisfaction survey, a decent follow up survey after the conference is important to measure the success of the event and gather vital information that could be relevant to the following yearʼs event.

Planning your companyʼs conference doesnʼt have to be a stressful task. I hope our tips have given you some useful ideas for how you can put together your company’s best conference yet!



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