If you are like me and are a slave to your 9-5 job at the moment then you understand how boring and dull cubicles can become over time. The reality is that while these are meant to be our work zones its important (at least in my opinion) that we do not let them become decrepit, boring, and ugly. Rather you should take all of the necessary steps to properly decorate your cubicle by using a variety of different themes, ideas, and tips which can all be gathered by a simple web search. For me personally my cubicle is outfitted with memorabilia from some of my favorite sports teams because thats something that helps me get through the day easiest. If thats not up your alley lets look at some other cool ways to decorate your cubicle.

The big way that many people seem to be leaning towards these days is that of a stress free zone. This means that you have stress balls, perhaps an emWave, and a Tai Chi book ready to rock and roll at a moments notice. The harsh reality is that jobs are stressful even on the best of workers, but if you want to live a long and healthy life then you are going to have to ensure that you don’t let it bring you down. I would recommend researching this method if you find yourself stressed out while in your working environment on a daily basis.

The other big method that I have seen people use is what I like to refer to as the “smile” method. The name might be corny but the concept of being able to smile whenever you look at your cubicle wall is not. With this method you are going to ensure that you have nothing but pictures and artifacts that are going to make you smile every single time you glance at them. Again this might be corny, but its a great way to get you through a long hard day (which we all have).

Beyond the themes mentioned here I would just say that proper should always be complemented by an organized and clean work environment. If the latter is slipping, then the former won’t be able to pop as much so be sure to have all of your ducks in a row.



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