Headhunters are those people who are designated by businesses to go out and seek qualified people to come and work for those businesses. When you’re approached by one, it’s imperative that you keep in mind a few tips. These encounters with headhunters are very important, and you may not even know right away if someone is a headhunter or not. They may just come up and start a normal conversation with you. You may not even be aware that it’s a headhunter talking with you, as they may be casually dressed as well. You have to hit this encounter with a headhunter out of the park.

Don’t be nervous. Approach the conversation as if you were talking with a friend, but a friend with connections. Relax and be yourself, as nerves can easily be detected by anyone. You’ll want to really be yourself in front of a headhunter, as they are looking at you to see if you possess the qualities they are looking for in their business. Keep yourself calm, cool, collected and confident. Remember those “four C’s”, and you’ll be just fine. Don’t try to be fake and say things to make yourself sound like something or someone you aren’t. Telling lies can catch up with you later and get you in trouble, and many people are better at detecting lies than you think.

Be honest, straightforward, courteous and respectful. Thank them for the time they are taking to speak with you, and thank them for choosing you to speak with. Answer their questions thoroughly and truthfully. Don’t pause too long to think of an answer, as that may come across as you thinking of what they want to hear you say, rather than what you may actually answer with. Don’t ramble about things not related to the conversation at hand, either. Be straightforward, and directly answer their questions with no more or less detail than what is necessary.

Ask thoughtful questions of the person talking to you. As you’ve already been reading, it is a good idea to treat an interaction with a headhunter as an interview, because it is very similar to one. Ask questions of the person that show your interest in what they are talking about. Ask them to clarify things they may have said that are unclear or that didn’t include enough detail to satisfy you. You’ll come across as inquisitive and willing to learn, and those are qualities that many businesses look for in people. Offer the person your contact information and take theirs as well, as you leave the discussion. If you say that you would like to hear more at a later time, or that you will call with more questions, that looks great on you. it shows that you want to learn more about the business and any opportunities they may have.

Choose your words carefully, but be yourself during an approach by headhunters. A future job opportunity may rest on your ability to impress the person who is talking to you.



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