It is no secret that a happy worker is, as the cliché goes, a productive worker. Someone who is content in their job is more likely to try hard, give maximum effort and be of all round benefit to the company who employs them. On the other hand there are few things that can be worse for a business than a disengaged employee who, through moral dissatisfaction, is unlikely to prove of any worth; tasks are likely to be undertaken without any real intent or purpose and this will lead to a half hearted effort and unsatisfactory end results. Sadly this type of mind frame can prove contagious; one bad apple can cause this type of attitude to spread through a department or ultimately through an entire company. Obviously this type of problem has, thusly, got to be tackled head on before the influence can cost a business a small fortune in decrease of productivity.

When tackling a disengaged employee there are a number of things that have to be considered. What incentives can be provided to change his attitude?  And what makes an employee become disengaged? It is very rare that a person starts a new job disengaged and dissatisfied; this is a status that is gained with time. Usually new employees begin their new job with enthusiasm and acquire jaded attitudes as their time in a company goes on. Like bankruptcy or alcoholism, employee disengagement is not something that happens instantly – it arrives gradually and then suddenly; a problem that takes some time coming but upon arrival it is palatable and hard to shake off.

Amongst the many reasons an employee can become dissatisfied at work include the feeling that they have no worth to the company. An employee who feels distant at work is likely to think their efforts won’t matter and will work as such. This could be because they are not getting any support from their manager, no feedback from superiors or any type of incentive to actually undertake their work. Feeling unappreciated means a worker will not try their hardest; it us up to a manager to encourage their workers, make them feel like part of the broader team and to let them know their effort is appreciated. Similarly an employee may feel that any suggestions or ideas they make are not being taken seriously – every pitch they make is not being used or ignored. Again, it is up to the department or Human Resources manager, even if he does not like the idea, to show appreciation to the worker for at least suggesting these ideas, explaining why perhaps they may not work and encouraging their suggestions for future occasions.

A significant reason many workers can feel neglected is if they believe they are stuck in a dead end job with no chance of promotion. It is up to a manager or HR department to encourage an appetite for success in his employees and to tell them areas they can improve their CV, tell them about additional training courses they can go on and explain their own path to promotions. Other incentives a manager can offer his employees can be work based incentives; this can encourage a healthily competitive attitude in which workers push each other to strive and strain to try harder and, as such, can improve the entire work ethic of a department. There are few things more rewarding for an employee than, at the end of the month, being recognised for their hard work.



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