Simplification of life has been a major driving force behind the invention of numerous mechanical elements that are in existence today. Over the years, a plethora of innovations have been made in different fields of work so as to reduce manual labor and improve efficiency. Among the various machines and gadgets that have been invented to make office work easy, photocopiers are the most functional creations. The original model was an analog copier. However, in keeping with the technology of the today, digital copiers were brought out into the market.

In comparison with analog copiers, digital copiers are a more advanced technological development. However, many experts opine that although slow, the older versions were more affordable and reliable. Nevertheless, digital versions are the trend of the day since they offer myriad benefits. The two major advantages of digital copiers are their speed and multitasking ability. The cumulative effect of these advantages is an increase in the productivity of the company that uses them.

Using digital copiers, you can send the copied documents directly to emails or fax. It is possible to edit text and upgrade it as per latest requirements. You can store the copied documents not only in your computer but also in the copier, which makes it very easy to make further copies any time you want. In today’s world, where time is money, digital photocopiers save a lot of time, thereby improving profitability of the company. In contrast to analog copiers, wherein the user needed to run the documents as many times as the number of copies he required, the digital copier only needs to be programmed once for any number of copies.

The quality of copied documents is much higher through digital copiers. These use a laser beam in order to copy texts onto the drum, which in turn prints them on paper. Clarity is higher and blurred texts can be copied without further deteriorating their visibility and quality.

On the flip side, digital copiers are expensive. However, when the benefits provided by them are considered, the cost does seem rather reasonable. All major manufacturers like Toshiba, Canon and HP are into manufacturing digital versions of the copier.



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