Learning can be defined as acquisition of new as well as modification of already existing knowledge, skills in addition to values.  It basically involves the synthesizing various forms of information. It also worth knowing that while learning one can acquire genuine as well as biased information.  The ability to learn is possessed by human beings, animals in additions to some machines. On the other hand understanding goes beyond learning. It means that the information acquired from learning has been taken in.

What is learning?

Learning involves acquiring of knowledge, skills in addition to values while understanding means bring forth what is known. When two students are put together, one is learning while the other one understanding, one may note their reactions. A learner is eager to know, tries as much as possible any workable technique on the other hand, a student understanding an aspects, may study something carefully to take in and store already acquired knowledge. This student may want to shout it without referring form any source.

For instance,when a leaf drops from a tree, a student learning may want to know what caused the leaf to drop and why did it has to fall downwards but not upwards. The student would ask several unanswered questions on the mind. On the other hand, a student with adequate understanding of Newton’s theory of gravity would be able to tell why the leaf had to fall downwards and this student may also explain better the theory associated with the falling of the leaf.

While learning about how a certain machine functions, one is eager to know how to control a machine, how it works as well as the concept behind its functionality. While with understanding, one is able to carry out varieties of performances concerning the machine. For example one may predict so many aspects associated with the machine which can only tell that proper understanding had taken place on ones mind. Looking for  exam help? Let’s take advantage of Self Test Engine self paced  training and pass your IT exams on first try.

Learning can occur when one is unconscious as well as conscious while understanding occurs only when one is conscious.

In the case of human feeling, a learner may want to know how one feels when is hurt, happy, sad, as well as many others. With appropriate understanding, one may go beyond explaining individuals feeling.  With understanding one is able to tell if a person is hurt, sad, and happy in addition to others.

What is meant by understanding?

Human understanding occurs as educational, personal development, training as well as others. It is goal oriented and the targeted objective may want to know which necessarily is inspired by ones motivation. On the other hand, understanding occurs mainly due to experience. What one witnessed may forever remain in the mind.

In conclusion, acquisition of knowledge is recommended as well as ensuring that the acquired knowledge should remain stick into an individuals mind and this is only achievable though proper understanding of the concept.  In order fro one to obtain and understand a concept, one must first learn the concept hence both these aspects are very important in day-to-day life.


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