With some of the biggest cruise liners hiring as many as 1,300 employees as a part of their crew, there are plenty of career opportunities within the cruise industry.

However, unless you are just wishing to apply for an entry-level job to earn some money during a gap year, you are going to need some form of specialization or training.

Of course the required training for each position is going to be different, but are there any specialized training courses for people working on cruise ships and what are you other options?

These are the questions that we will tackle in this article.

Are There Any Cruise Specific Training Courses?

I have been researching this for a while and doing a lot of searching and question asking and have not been able to find that much information about training courses specifically targeted to people applying for cruise jobs.

All I was able to find was:

1. Online Modules From The Cruises Themselves

A couple of the cruise lines have online training courses through their website or affiliated websites. Now these are not hugely comprehensive resources, but mainly just and introduction and overview of what to expect if you get hired to work on a cruise liner.

2. A Few Online Training Courses

Other than that, there were a few websites and online companies offering courses over the internet. However, none of these seem incredibly credible or worthwhile.

So What Are Your Other Options?

So whether you are applying for a or just employment on a  regular liner is there anything you can do, by way of training, to increase your chances on employment?

The one thing that I would recommend is instead of looking at cruise jobs as one giant job, look at the individual positions that you are interested and and see what type of qualifications you would need for them.

If you are interested in a photography position on a cruise ship, then why not look at your local college and see what courses they have on photography? If your goal is to work in the childcare facility then find out what training is needed for that position.

Don’t separate cruise jobs from the same position on land, the qualifications will most likely be the same.

What About Cruise Jobs That Don’t Require Training?

There may be certain jobs, such as , which may not require any training. For these positions you will be required to have previous experience in a similar position on land.


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