The biggest single area of demand and growth in global industry is in training. Employers and consumers quite literally can’t get enough of it. The result is a gigantic demand for trainers. It’s no exaggeration to say that a fundamental training qualification like a Certificate IV in training and assessment is turning into a major career asset.

A career in training

Training is very special work. You need particular talents, like:

  • Good communication skills- Training isn’t, and can’t be, a case of just “going through the motions”. Anyone who’s ever trained real people can tell you from experience that communication is the main tool in effective training. Getting the message across to anyone requires effective two-way communication.
  • Social skills- The best training is done on a social basis. A group of trainees and their trainers get together and learn the skills, and that promotes good interactions. If you’re a “people person”, training is a really great career option.
  • Technical skills and talents- The best trainers are the real professional experts. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to be trained by one of these people, you will know that you can learn more in 5 minutes from an expert than you can from a manual. If you have a very strong area of talent, do the world a favour and become a trainer, because people can benefit greatly from your skills and knowledge.

The career path

The typical development of a career in training starts from fundamental qualifications in . The Certificate IV is the baseline qualification in a huge range of applications in trades, community services, government jobs and other major fields of employment.

The Certificate IV also provides the fundamental prerequisite qualifications for further development of your training career.

The next stages are:

  • A Diploma in Training and Assessment
  • A degree, usually with some areas of specialization.

As you can see, the Certificate IV provides value in both academic and practical terms.

The range and scope of training careers

The training industry has diversified and expanded dramatically, and there are multiple generic fields for trainers, including:

  • Human Resources- In house training capabilities are money savers, and they’re very much in demand in the corporate sphere.
  • OHS- Occupational Health and Safety is now a big science, and OHS experts are becoming critically important in training ranging from onsite management of OHS through to OHS consultancies and contract management.
  • Administration- Training in administration is so much in demand, on so many skill levels, that the market supply of trainers is always less than the demand.
  • Academic “training the trainers”- For the experts, “training the trainers” has become so important that the expression is now firmly entrenched as part of the business vocabulary. This is the economically critical area of higher-level skills training and it’s part of major institutional education programs around the world.

These are just the basics. A career in training can lead to starting your own business, training consultancies and much more. If you’re looking for a career like no other, check out training as an option. You definitely won’t regret it.


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