Germany is currently one of, if not the leading country in the EU for business. With strong controls over the eurozone and a sound economical climate ranging from manufacturing, banking and services doing business in Germany is a top priority for many businesses and entrepreneurs.

Although most Germans learn the English language from a young age and can converse at a understandable level it is highly respectfull and vastly more influential if you speak in their native language, even if its only when saying “please” and “thank you”.

German is spoken in few countries compared to languages such as English, Spanish, Arabic & French. German is an official language of the EU, Germany, Austria, South Tyrol (Italy), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg & Belgium. It is also recognised as a minority language in a whole host of other countries. In 2005 it was estimated that there are 120,000,000 German language speakers.


It recent years there has been a rise in asian students choosing to learn German because of its business possibilities. Many start with learning small  and go on from there.

Some examples of would be;

Where is the nearest internet cafe? (Wo ist der nächste Internatcafe)

Please help me (Bitte helfen Sie mir)

My car’s been broken into (Mein Auto wurde aufgebrochen)

Good morning (Guten Morgen)

Good afternoon (Guten Tag)

Good evening (Guten Abend)

Have a nice day (einen schönen Tag noch)

Have a good weekend (schönes Wochenende)


Please (bitte)

Thanks (danke)

Your welcome (bitte schön)

No problem (Kein problem)

Excuse me (entschuldigen Sie bitte)

Teaching yourself or your child just one word a day for a year (this could be added to your calender for easy use) will be vastly beneficial to your / their future. is used by many people looking to learn German the easy way – using videos, audio mp3s, games, lessons, exams & free online phrase books. Just learning basic phrases and words such as common German street signs and warnings will make your next business trip or vacation just that bit easier and help eleviate the stress of traveling in a country with a different language to your own native.



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