Many people underestimate how important their shop shelving decision is in terms of the overall experience the consumer has in their store. The most important thing is a store owner’s mind is, and always will be, the product they are selling. After all, this is what the consumer comes in for and this is what they take home.

However, it is a naive store owner who underestimates the power of context in swaying a 50/50 prospect into purchasing their goods. It therefore stands to reason that we should not discount the influence shop shelving have in influencing the purchaser (as minor as it may seem).

The Psychology of Context

Before understanding how shop shelving can indirectly affect your sales, we must first take into account the consumer psychology regarding context.

The context in which a product is displayed has a huge effect on our decision whether or not we want it and whether we want to purchase it. We do not view the product in isolation, which is why it is imperative to take into account the entire consumer experience.

Everything counts when it comes to our perception of brands and products, from the graphic of the company logo to the friendliness of the staff who serve us. Ultimately, it is our perception of a brand and our experience within it that keeps us coming back. It is this return custom that store owners really need if they want to make the big bucks.

The Importance of Shop Shelving

How the product is presented has a big impact on our psychology. Think of how you would feel if you went to pick up a product off that was bent, rusted, or even broken. Now think about how you would feel if you picked up the same product off clean, tidy shop shelving, painted in a colour that matched the aesthetic of the store and the vibe of the brand.

Although you will be handling exactly the same product in both cases, you will have negative associations with the former and positive ones with the later. If you are making a split decision whether to buy the product, then it is the shop shelving which makes the difference.

So when you are setting up a store, do not rush into acquiring your shop shelving and never accept any old rubbish. Remember, people who take their business seriously, take their shop shelving seriously.


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