When constructing anything one of the hardest elements is securing joints in a safe and lasting manner. It is often very difficult to create these joints without exposing unattractive and unsightly screws and bolts. When making furniture or something that needs to look sleek and stylish it is very disheartening being unable to conceal these joints, but there is another way. There is a vast range of adhesives which can provide all of the strength and versatility of screws and nails and even create a stronger, yet invisible, bond. This short guide will explain some of the options that are available to you for joining with adhesives.

Anaerobic Adhesives

Anaerobic adhesives create a bond when they are deprived of oxygen and exposed to the ions in metals. These glues allow for the sealing of pipes and joints in metal bolts in a way that cannot be achieved with other fastening methods. By creating a seal inside the screw joint of a metal seal, anaerobic adhesives add to the strength of the seal whilst also holding it closed so that it cannot be loosened.

Instant Glues

Designed for use on metal, silicone, rubber, and many more materials, instant glues are very strong and versatile as well as being fast. By activating the glue with a spray you can watch and feel the glue harden in a matter of seconds. This glue is very useful for precision work that needs to remain strong and versatile for a long time.

Two-Part Epoxies

There is a range of two part epoxy adhesives which cure at different speeds depending on the needs of the individual. They are capable of bonding most engineering materials and remain very strong for years to come. When building furniture or repairing a broken item, epoxies are very effective and easy to control. Setting only once they have been mixed, there are no tricky transfer issues and you can easily use a small tool to apply the glue to a precision joint if you need to. Two part epoxies will dry in two stages, going hard first and then drying clear so that they cannot be seen easily. These glues are an excellent replacement for screws and nails and they can be used for nearly everything in the home or business.

Structural Acrylics

These adhesives are designed to withstand high tensile forces and prevent shear. They are excellent for creating structural bonds because they can withstand high levels of forces being applied in all directions. In many cases structural acrylics will outlast traditional bolts when supporting a load carrying structure. This material can easily be used to bond a wide range of dissimilar materials together allowing for design freedom and versatility.

UV Light Curable Glues

These adhesives are useful for bonding glass and metal because of the extreme clarity that they provide. They cure through contact with UV light which can be controlled to adjust the cure speed at will. A very strong and completely clear bond will be created once cured and the potential for error is greatly reduced by the ability to cure on demand.


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