Parts bins are storage devices that can be used to hold all manner of items.  There is a wide range of differing parts bins available; some come in a ready provided frame structure, whilst others are designed so that they stack on top of each other.  They are also available in various different materials including wood and metal; although plastic does tend to be the most common option.  Here we look at the 5 benefits you can get from using parts bins are part of your storage system.

A tidy space

Whether you incorporate parts bins at home or in the working environment they help to promote a tidy space.  By having somewhere to store all of your bits and pieces you remove the need to have them spread across desks and work areas.

Health and safety

Many accidents that occur in the workplace and at home happen because of the fact that the working area is cluttered.  If items are safely stored in it means that they will not find their way onto the floor; where they could be the cause of an accident.

Maximising space

The area that is available to us for storage tends to be at a premium.  The use of parts bins means that you can make use of space above head height that is often wasted by stacking them high.  Although you may not be able to see exactly what is inside each part bin; as long as you can slide it out of the frame and get it down safely, it doesn’t really matter.

Time efficient

Once you have stored each item in its own place you will soon become familiar with where it lives.  This can help to save on time and frustration, which is especially important in a working environment and serves to improve productivity.  If you need to install large quantities of parts bins that make it difficult to remember exactly where each item is, you can easily add labels to them to clarify things.

Cost effective

Whilst extremely useful in their purpose, parts bins are actually a relatively cheap form of storage in comparison to other storage options.  The fact that you won’t ever lose anything again also means that you can save on the outlay of purchasing duplicate parts.



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