There are many advantages to purchase used buses instead of new buses. Used buses are less expensive but there are some factors you have to always keep in mind before purchasing a used bus. For used school there are many resources such as internet and yellow pages where you can find different models with their price details. You can compare various school buses by comparing the various factors-

Paper Work:
if you are purchasing any used school bus, you should have complete records of all the previous services and original papers. You will get the idea about how owner maintained the bus you are purchasing from all the repair records.

to check the transmission for leak is essential and especially in automatic transmission because it is quite expensive to repair the transmission. Comparing with manual, automatic transmission are more popular with a greater resale value also the bigger the engine the more power it provides.

Bus Frame:
The frame of the school bus must be looked in good condition whether it is just a small area like hood hinge mounts, steer away from its purchase, as rust will grow and spread throughout the body of bus.

Gas or Diesel:
Theses are the personal preference and it should be noted that diesel will cost more than gas engine, it will give less maintenance and repair of the school bus.

Check Relevant Laws:
Before purchasing school bus, buyer should check both federal and state guidelines so that they can gain an accurate picture of the items that may need updates.

Costs of Used School Buses:
generally the cost of used school buses for sale vary between $3,000 to $7,000 in comparison to the new school bus at $50,000.Many school districts purchase 10 year extend warranties with their new buses. While purchasing school bus be aware that the body and chassis plays a role in determining both the reliability and selling price of bus.


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