Manicures are a very important part of women’s fashion today. It takes a small amount of time to create a manicured look and the advantage is that unlike make up application the results will last for a number of days.

Some women choose to visit salons to create their manicure masterpieces while others choose to pamper themselves at home. There are many different choices facing women when it comes to manicures, for example they can simply apply a coloured polish to their nails for example a demure pink or a dramatic blood red or dark purple. These colours would offer a completely different look and can compliment various outfits.

Nail art is the current popular nail trend at the moment. Simple nail art products can transfer a lady’s nail tips into works of art. This could start with polish and extend to rhinestone nail art gems, paillette glitter foil, or nail dangles. The list is endless but the advantage is that the products are all fairly cheap to buy so if you compare the price to that of a salon treatment you will be quids in every time.

Other ladies opt for salon treatments and they class this as part of their pamper time. This is the costly option but a lady always loves to be pampered so there are times when money is no object.

Whether a lady chooses to do her own nails or go to a salon depends on a number of factors, money is not the only one. Time is often a deciding factor as the majority of busy working ladies find it particularly difficult to find time to fit manicure appointments in so they choose to do their own nails or opt for a mobile manicurist who can visit their home a time that suits them.

The majority of treatments on offer now include some form of nail art for example even if you are to have false nail tips applied the salon will very often add nail art stickers or some form of nail art design onto the nail tip. This could be one simple design in the corner of the nail tip or it could be a design that incorporates the whole nail tip. This is often referred to as ‘full cover’.

No matter which nails designs option you choose you can be sure that it will enhance your overall look and that you will be able to enjoy your manicure for a number of days to come.


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