Lips are the most attractive feature on any women’s face. These are the frame to that beautiful smile. You just need to add color to that frame and you can make any man your slave. Every woman loves to wear lipstick and wants it to last long.

However, it can be very frustrating for women when they see their lipstick fades and flakes. Women look for a formula that that stays put for longer time, feels wonderful on their lips and adds glamour to their face. They don’t want to reapply their lipsticks after every two hours. The good news is that there are a few techniques that can help your lipstick last longer.

Here are some magical tricks on how to apply lipsticks that lasts longer without leaving an ugly mess behind:

Create a Smooth Canvas: If your lips are not dry or chapped, apply a lip balm at least an hour before your makeup application. It is advisable to apply lip balm every night before bed. You will never have dry lips.

Foundation: Prep your lips with a hint of foundation to give your lipstick a smooth base.

Lip Liner Pencil: You can choose from various shades and colors. Lip liners and lip pencils help you keep your lipstick from feathering or crawling into the fine lines. It is advisable to choose a liner that matches the natural tone of your lips. Your lips will look natural even if the lipstick starts to fade away.

Outline your lips whenever you use lipstick. If your lips are smaller and you want them to look fuller, draw line from slightly outside the natural line of your lips. Women who have bigger lips and want their lips to appear smaller should draw line from slightly inside the natural line of their lips. For an extra color base, you can fill in your entire lips with the lip liner. This helps your lipstick to stay longer.

Lipstick: When shopping for a , it is advisable not to use tester on your lips. You can test on the back of your hand. Once you found your shade, apply one coat of lipstick or lip color, blot with a tissue and then apply the second coat. If you have chosen a bold shade, it is advisable to apply lipstick with a lip brush as you need to apply with care. Keep your favorite lipsticks in the fridge to extend their life time. Younger girls should not choose bold colors as it makes them look mature. 

Compact Powder: Lightly dust the lips with powder over the first coat of your lipstick and apply second coat of your lipstick. This way, your lipstick will stay for longer time and it will give a matte effect to your lips.

Lip Gloss: If you love wearing lip glosses, you can follow some of the above tips. Though your lip gloss is not going to last as long as your lipstick, these will definitely extend the wearing hours of your . Older women should avoid wearing lip gloss.



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