Choosing the right tie can be a frustrating experience for a man who has little or no experience in doing so. From business meetings to job interviews, ties may not be the deciding factor, but they can leave an impression that lingers long after you’ve left the room. People are quick to dismiss this information, but consider why politicians have to consider every color and small detail of the shoes they wear to their speeches. Picking the details can be bothersome, but they can also be effective. To make it easier, though, there are some steadfast rules you can go by to navigate your way through neck-wear choices.

golden retriever wearing tie

Style Choice




As far as this option goes, the answer is simple: JUST DON’T DO IT. Ties with novelty items printed onto them – such as sports memorabilia and floral arrangements, rarely go over well in a professional setting. If you have a question as to whether or not your chosen graphic tie will be met with skepticism at your next board meeting, the likelihood of the answer is yes. So unless you are performing a speech in front of friends or family or perhaps coaching an elementary basketball game, rather stick with a simple, solid color.



Skinny ties serve to bring multiple benefits to the table. A slimmer tie can sometimes be seen as more contemporary, allowing one to be considered “with the times”. If you are an older man, a slim tie might be the solution to a younger look, but it’s up to you to judge whether that’s what you want to go for. Ties that are slimmer even go well without jackets, specifically when wearing shirts with button-up sleeves, rolling up to the elbows.



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Assortment of Bright Colors

Choosing to wear a bright color can either work for or against you, but in an interview setting or other arena where standing out is key, a bright color might be just what the doctor ordered. Finding a shirt with cuffs that match the tie, has done well to be considered an acceptable and favorable style in our day and age. The right color combination could lead to an impression that is both tasteful, and memorable. It is a well-known idea that bright colors tend to represent confidence. So depending on what you’re trying to go for, going out on a limb with a bright color will definitely succeed in separating you from the rest of the crowd.



Pairing ties with jeans can be a flexible decision. The style in the early 2000′s allowed for wearing a tie and rolled-up shirt sleeves with jeans, but today it is often viewed with skepticism. One point you may want to consider when pairing a tie with jeans is whether or not the jeans you are wearing match the color of your tie. They may seem to be plenty of small and irrelevant points to remember, but color-coordination of such a kind is a breeze. All you truly need to remember is that brighter colors can detract from the overall look. But if you’re not interested in sparking fashion trends around the world, stick to a safer bet and pair a black tie with a white shirt and dark jeans. White tennis shoes could even lend to the look being somewhat quasi-professional.

business suit

Professional Style


There is a reason the seemingly annoying custom of remembering all the right details regarding ties has not been flushed out – because they’re true. Whether it is the business man looking to turn a profit, or the young man looking for a date, choosing the right tie can be very important. Consider your own personality when selecting a tie, as well as the purpose of the occasion. Know your basics, utilize the specifics and seize the moment.


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