The Tria hair removal system and the No! No! hair removal system are both designed for permanent hair removal over time. The systems are both similar and different from each other.

The main similarity is the use of heat to remove hair. Since the Tria system is a laser and the No! No! system uses thermal heat technology to burn away the hair, both systems provide heat as a method of removal.

The other similarity is the silky smooth skin resulting from the removal of hair. Both systems are effective in removing hair from the body.

The differences between the systems are more pronounced than the similarities. The Tria system is a laser for home use. It is similar to the lasers used at a doctor’s office for permanent hair removal. This system uses both heat and light to remove unwanted hair, which provides permanent results faster than the No! No! system.

The Tria system also has potential side effects like the sensation of a sunburn or dry and flakey skin.

The No! No! system differs from the Tria system because it does not use light. It only uses heat to burn away the hair. This means the No! No! system is also useful to individuals with darker skin tones. It is also not painful and does not burn the skin.

Skin Tone Considerations:
The No! No! hair removal system is safe for any skin tone or color. Even someone with dark skin can use the system because it does not use a light.

The Tria system is only useful to someone who has light skin colors. It is useful to individuals who have white, ivory, beige or light brown skin tones, but is not useful to individuals with medium brown to dark brown or black skin colors.

The light from the laser can potentially change color pigmentation of darker skin tones.

Hair Color Consideration:
The other problem with the Tria hair removal system is that it will not remove blonde, red or gray hair colors. Since skin tone and hair color are factors in whether the system removes hair or not, the Tria system is very limited in application.

The No! No! hair removal system removes any hair color since it is not used with a light.

The No! No! hair removal system is an effective method of removing unwanted hair. Since it has a lower cost, is useful to any skin or hair color and does not have side effects, the No! No! system is one of the best at home systems available. No! No! takes longer than the Tria hair removal system before the hair is permanently removed, but it allows more individuals to use the system and is safer for the skin.


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