The No NO hair removal 8800 series is the new system by the company Radiancy. Women or men who have unwanted body hair can use this system as a method of gradually thinning and completely ridding the body of unwanted hair. The company claims that eventually the hair does not grow back.

Claims and Promises:

The claims and promises of the No No hair removal system are common among different hair removal products. The company claims that the system will remove unwanted hair, is pain free and eventually the hair will not grow back.

The company also promises that the product is safe for any skin type, any skin color and any hair color. The claim made by the company is that the product not only removes hair, it is appropriate even for those who are unable to get laser hair removal.

Does it Work?

The main question that arises with a product like the No No 8800 series is whether or not the system works.

The simple answer is that yes, the No No hair removal system does remove hair and gradually thins it over time. Eventually, owners of the system will use the product less often as the hair grows back thinner until it does not grow back at all.

The key is following the directions exactly as given with the product. Initially the product requires two to three times a week for the first few weeks. After awhile, it will only need once a week and then it back down to once a month until the hair simply does not grow back.

It is also pain free. Unlike a laser, the system does not use a light. It only uses heat, which heat up the hair follicle and destroys the follicle until eventually hair does not grow.

The Downsides:

Overall, the system has relatively few downsides. The most obvious downside is the smell. Since the system heats the hair, an unpleasant smell of burning hair is common, especially at first. As hair starts thinning, the smell reduces.

Another downside is the initial investment. While waxing, shaving, creams and lasers are expensive when added up over a year, only the laser treatment is a high initial cost. Creams, waxing and shaving are usually small prices over the course of a year, making it seem inexpensive. The almost $300 initial cost of the system seems very high in comparison. After a year, the No No system is actually less expensive, but it seems more costly up front.

The product is not an instant hair removal solution. It requires some time before seeing results. Usually within a month or two, hair is much thinner. For some, this long time period can seem challenging.


The No No 8800 series hair removal system is worth the investment. It will not only remove hair with minimal discomfort, but it also eventually results in permanent hair removal.



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