girl in bikini in  a sandy beachSummer is here and it is the perfect time to be carefree; to chill out by the beach with drinks in hand, just listening to the party music. It is also the best time to flaunt that beautiful body. Regardless of your body shape or type, you need to be confident enough to show what you have. And of course, with these swimsuit guidelines, I am pretty sure you will find the swimsuit that best suits your body type.



hourglass shape

  1. It may sound simple, but you have to know your body shape in order to successfully find the perfect bathing suit. To help you determine which one you have, listed below are some of the most common body shapes of the female figure:

* Hourglass Shape. This is often the shape that every woman is dying to have, because of its proportionate measurements. If this was your body shape, it would mean that your upper body would be nearly the same width as that of your hips.

* Pear or Spoon Shape. These shapes refer to bodies whereby the upper body and bust are of a medium size but the bottom area is wider than the top.

* Athletic or Straight. This simply means that instead of an obvious curve connecting your chest and your hips, there is more of a straight line joining them together. It can also mean that your hips are fairly even with your waist and shoulders in width.

* Petite. Often misconstrued, “petite” describes a person who’s figure (whether hourglass, pear, or athletic) is of smaller proportions to that of the average woman. She would have a shorter torso, shorter legs, or possibly smaller width in shoulders and hips. This doesn’t affect her shape in any way.

* Tall. Similar to “petite”, a woman with a “tall” figure can have any of the above-mentioned shapes, but unlike the average woman, her height will increase her proportions.


2.   With your body shape in mind, it is best to understand which swimsuit flatters what shape; so here are some good ideas:

For the Pear body Shape:

ñ  Objective: To bring focus to your upper body and to aid in making your legs appear leaner and longer.

ñ  Two-piece or one-piece? For a pear shape body, one-piece swimsuits are the best way to go, purely because they don’t isolate attention to individual areas, such as the hips. Instead, they break down the eye’s focus across the entire torso area.

ñ  Styles: One-shouldered, halter, low-neckline tankinis, ruffles and other designs on the upper part of the suit. The different or even excessive detail helps to bring attention to the shoulders and take the focus away from the hips.

ñ  What designs? Stripes, Polka dots, florals and the like. Again, the detail in patterns will help to “break down” the eye’s focal point.

For the Hourglass Shape:

ñ  Objective: This easy figure allows you to do more than compensate for different areas or distract from other areas; instead, you can add to what is already there. You just need to figure out how to highlight all those attributes.

ñ  One-piece or two-piece? Both can look good to a person with an hourglass shape. Unfair, isn’t it?

ñ  Styles: layered swimsuits, ruffles on both the bikini and bra, wide-strapped bras. In the case of an hourglass figure – detail on any area will be well-received.

swimsuit for athletic shape

Athletic shape

ñ  Designs: Loud colors or spotty prints and florals. Patterns that accentuate serve a better purpose than patterns that steal all the attention. However, detail or no detail, almost anything would suit this figure. But slight accents like light patterns and bold solid colors help to accentuate and keep the focus on the assets that are already there and not the details that are put onto them.

For athletic shapes:

ñ  Objective: To give the illusion of curves where they could be useful.

ñ  One-piece or two-piece? Two-piece swimsuits are more likely to give off a curvier effect than one-pieces. One-piece swimsuits make the “straight line” effect too obvious; whereas a two-piece will give the mind opportunity to think that there may be a curve between the chest and hips.

ñ  Styles: Ruffled, bandeau types and frilly tops. A swimsuit with less detail will undo what the two-piece aims to accomplish; it will immediately confirm to the observer that there is no curve. Extra details like ruffles help to distort the lines that exist.

ñ  Designs: Big stripes, vibrant colors and florals in loud colors. The bolder the better; for obvious reasons, as mentioned above.

For the Petite figures:

swimsuit for petite


ñ  Objective: To find a swimsuit that will not only fit your frame, but will work with your particular body shape, as well. Swimsuits that have adjustable features would be ideal for this.

ñ  One-piece or two-piece? This depends on your shape; but most importantly, the fit – “petite” is smaller after all.

ñ  Styles: stringed bikinis and bras, high-cut bikinis, thin-strapped bras. Revealing more skin (in moderation), allows for the illusion that the body is not quite so petite. However, some women have no problem looking petite. Are you one of those?

ñ  Designs: Bold graphic prints, modern and loud prints and bright-colored plain swimsuits. Again, this is perfect for those who are trying to give off the illusion that they aren’t quiet so petite. Each to his own, but this could be considered an advantage. In like-manner, how often do you see “tall” women wanting to look shorter?

For the Tall figures:

ñ  Objective: To be able to find a swimsuit that will make your long legs and upper body the most obvious features.

ñ  One-piece or two-piece? Both would look great on a tall person however monokinis are proven to highlight body curves the better. For “tall” women, this also makes the most sense.

ñ  Style: swim skirts, ruffled tankinis, layered swimsuits. When it comes to the lower part of the body, eyes are naturally drawn to the hips, and so swim skirts are designed to keep the focus where they should be: on a “tall” person’s legs.

ñ  Design: solid colors. Let’s be honest, a “tall” person has nothing to hide or detract from.


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