There’s a lot of pressure on celebrities to look young despite the years advancing, and in some cases (especially men) this means taking care of a receding hairline. Hair transplant on celebrities have been all the rage lately, not only because it’s pretty obvious (look at pre- and post-Elton John picture for example) but also because a lot of ordinary men are also undergoing the procedure. Let’s look at a few celebrities who have had hair transplant.

Elton John

As I’ve just mentioned, Elton John recently underwent hair transplant surgery. The results are remarkable on him: from his almost-bald head came a lush, definitely handsome and very stylish red-blonde head. It makes him look younger and more attractive. He had been wearing wigs and toupets for a long time before he underwent the procedure, and the results were a resounding success.

Jamie Foxx

Not a lot of black men go for hair transplant as they usually keep their hair close-cropped. But Jamie Foxx dared, probably because of his unusually large forehead. Not that he looked bad before… The movie star now has hair coming down lower on his forehead. It actually looks a little strange… One wonders why he made that decision since he wasn’t exactly balding.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn’s new hair is incredibly thick and lush. The surgeon must be extremely talented if he was able to get such results from Sean Penn’s thinning and greying hair. He seems to have had several procedures and it gets thicker and thicker every time. Has he found a secret ingredient to make his hair grow back again? Only his surgeon knows!

Mel Gibson

Whether you like him or not, Mel Gibson is still a Hollywood icon. Although he hasn’t admitted it publicly, it’s pretty obvious using before and after photos that our Braveheart has received Hair transplant surgery. Before: thinning hair and receding hairline. Now: A lush, thick and full head of hair. Did you pray hard for that one, or is your surgeon just that good, Mel?

James Nesbitt

This Scottish actor, very famous in the UK, has had a not-so-successful hair transplant procedure recently. Although the procedure didn’t take away all the baldness, especially at the sides, there’s definitely more hair. I doesn’t make that much of a difference, in my opinion, but sometimes there’s no helping vanity. But this hair transplant is no Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde…

Tommy Lee Jones

He used to be bald. Yes, really. You might too young to remember, but yes, he used to have no hair at all. He shows up one day with some hair on top. Not a full head of hair, but just enough to say there’s still something out there. We’re not really sure why he did it—feeling old? But even that transplanted hairline has receded recently. I wonder where they took the hair from…

These are just a few examples of famous receivers of hair implants. Some are spectacular while some are just ok, or completely useless. What do you think?


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