Breast reduction procedure is a type of plastic (or cosmetic) surgery operation. In the United States, breast reduction procedures were performed about 115,000 times in the year 2005. This was the largest number of times breast reduction procedures had been performed in the United States. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons provided this Information.

The condition of  a person having breasts that are oversized is called Breast hypertrophy. This condition occurs in both two breasts usually at the beginning of puberty and afterwards.  During pregnancy, a woman may start experiencing breast enlargement related to pregnancy. Currently there is no medical therapy for the treatment of breast enlargement during the course of pregnancy. There are Bras that could help relieve the discomfort associated with breast enlargement but the problem with wearing bras is that they cause irritation on the shoulder area of the indiviual wearing them..

Breast reduction operation is done to reduce the size of over sized breasts. The result produced from breast reduction procedure is the creation of a proportional chest curvature with body shape. Breast reduction procedure on over sized breasts help to alleviate complications related to overweight and over sized breast. The complications come from problem in doing normal activity. Clothing will not fit proportional to the size of your chest. There could be health complications afterwards.

A breast surgeon performs breast reduction procedure, which changes the shape, size, and firmness of breast. As a result, you have breasts with a more aesthetic appeal that matches your body a little better. Nipple reduction surgery is performed to reduce the size of the areola. In order to achieve full satisfaction in breast reduction procedure, you can do breast lift. The first step to take in breast reduction procedure is to do consultation with your breast surgeon. During consultation, activities performed include measurement of your breast and taking of photos. The purpose is to document the conditions before and after surgery. The pre-surgical document is for comparison purposes after breast reduction procedure has been done. A breast x-ray may be required for purposes of checking other illnesses including cancer or breast abnormalities.


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