Hair removal is an important facet of any beauty care regime. Both men and women want to remove unwanted hair from their body. Especially women have more desire to eliminate hair and search for long lasting and easiest methods of removing hair. Are you looking for the most effective hair removal method? Before exploring the varied market for hair removal methods let us first understand the different types of hair so that you can easily find solution to your quest.
Types of hair
Vellus – Fine, short and soft hair that is usually found on the chest, face and back of women is known as Vellus. Women with darker complexions may have Vellus which are darker. In general, gentle hair removing techniques are enough to get rid of this type of hair.
Terminal – This type of hair is characterized as coarser, longer and darker than Vellus. They are usually found on our head. Girls start getting terminal hair on their pubic region and armpits during puberty. Boys usually have this type of hair on their chest, back and legs. You need stronger hair removal means to get rid of this hair.
Types of hair removal methods
Shaving – This is the easiest method of removing hair. It is one of the most conventional methods too. It can be done from the comforts of the home easily and is cost effective.
The problem is that it is temporary and the unwanted hair grows back quickly. The razor can be difficult to operate and is harsh on the skin. Reaching places like armpits can be difficult also.
Waxing – It is a widely used process of getting rid of unwanted hair. It is cheap, quick and since hairs are removed from the root, they do not come back quickly. But it is time consuming and cannot be used on larger areas.
Threading – This method is mostly used to remove hair from small areas like upper lip and eyebrows because it is a tedious process.
Chemical depilatories – These include creams and lotions that can be used at home. The chemical is applied on the skin and left for some time. After the specific time you can wipe off the cream along with the hair.
These chemicals should not be applied on sensitive areas like face and lips. It is a quick- fix method that works really well.

The chemicals can have a drying effect on the skin and may cause irritation.

The methods of hair removal we discussed are temporary. If you are looking for permanent techniques you can choose electrolysis and laser hair removal. These are costly and time consuming but permanent methods that have gained huge popularity in recent times.

With such diverse types of hair removal methods available in the market, you will not have any problem to find the right method for yourself.



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