Every girl wants to look beautiful and gorgeous. Looking beautiful makes her feel good about herself, it makes her feel special and loved. She feels more confident when she sees a priceless smile, shiny hair and beautiful glowing face in the mirror. Makeup can help any girl enhance her natural beauty and revel her inner beauty. If she succeeds in choosing the makeup according to the season and occasion, it leaves a positive impression on others. Makeup helps her look stunning and achieves the look that matches her personality.

If you are one of those girls who want to have that celebrity-flawless skin look, then continue reading. Remember that it is really important to remain updated with the latest makeup trends if you don’t want to look outdated. You just need to apply a hint of a foundation and you will have glowing skin, a glossy lip gloss can give your lips a lustrous shine while a concealer can conceal your skin flaws like blemishes and scars. Enhance the beauty of your eyes by applying mascara on your eyelashes. Makeup if chosen and applied correctly can make you look young and fresh.

Though we cannot change our physical appearance and facial features as we are born with it, we can anytime highlight our best features with makeup. Today, industry has grown by leaps and bounds. You can choose from thousands of makeup products and skin care products to have a flawless looking skin. There are best beauty products available for all skin types. You just need to find the best brand and know about the latest makeup trends.

Here are the best makeup trends of 2011 that will surely make you look gorgeous:

This year, makeup is all about highlighting the dramatic side of your personality. With a hint of foundation, brown mascara and eyeliner and lip gloss, you will surely look your best. This look is ideal. Also you can go for smoky eye shadows like grey, navy blue etc. If you are a blush fan, make sure you choose a blush shade that is close to your skin tone. 

Before applying any makeup cleanse your face with a good face wash. Then apply a foundation that goes well with your skin tone. Apply your compact powder to set your foundation.

Brown eyeliner gives you a natural look. Apply your liner on your upper and lower eyelid. Now apply your eye shadow on the upper eye lid. If you are using three shades of eye shadows, don’t forget to blend them well. Apply your mascara on the upper as well as lower lashes.

Apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it well. This will give a natural glow to your cheeks.

Apply a neutral shade lipstick or lip gloss for natural looking lips. If your lips are dry, apply lip balm an hour before you apply the or lip balm. Now spray your favorite fragrance and put on your sun glasses and you are all set for the day.



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