Your lips are the first thing that draws people’s attention when you communicate with them. This is why it becomes really important to choose right lip makeup and give careful attention to lips when applying it. You can look sexy, chick, the girl next door, just by wearing a right lip makeup products, while wrong application of lip makeup can make you clowinsh.


You may have encountered many women wearing a poorly-shaped or smeared lip line. Your right lip makeup technique can get all the attention you want anywhere.

Given are the important lip makeup gadgets and right application techniques:

How to apply Lip pencil ?

You should always apply your lip liner first as it gives your lips a defined edge and prevents your lipstick from feathering. If you are young, you don’t need to use a lip liner. You don’t require lip liner if you are using lip gloss, matte long-lasting lipsticks. You should always apply your lip liner before the lipstick. It prevents your lip line color from bleeding. Choose a lip liner that is neutral or matches the color of your lipstick. Never choose a lip liner that is darker than the shade of your lipstick.

For natural lip makeup, you can choose a soft liner , apply it as a colored base and then apply your lip balm or lip gloss. Make sure the color of the liner matches the color of your natural lips.

If you want a bright makeup, use a little darker shade than your lipstick. The liner will prevent your lipstick from feathering.

If you want to add volume to your small lips, outline the natural shape of your lips on the outside with a hard pencil. Always use neutral colors that don’t contrast with your skin.

Note: If your lips are dry or cracked, don’t forget to use a lip balm or moisturizer before stating your lip makeup. It will soften your lips and help your lipstick stay for longer time.

How to apply Lipstick ?

If you want to apply the the right way, always apply the lip liner first and then apply your lipstick.

Apply a little amount of foundation before applying your lipstick. Foundation acts as a base on your lips, even out your lipstick and also helps it to stay longer. When applying your lipstick, relax your mouth so that it slightly opens.

Use a good lip brush to apply the lipstick. Open your mouth wider and start from the center of upper and lower lip and fill in the lipstick on your lips in an outwards direction. Make sure your lipstick is inside the lip line. You can apply a compact powder to give a matte finish. You can also add a lip gloss after the lipstick to make your lips glossy.

Now press your lips against a tissue paper to blot out the excess oil. Make sure your lipstick is not sticking to your teeth.


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