Nowadays, there are different types and styles of makeup. Women prefer a softer and more feminine look. Instead of choosing bold makeup, they are going for a natural “girl next door look.” Eyes are the window to our heart and most expressive feature of any woman. They reveal our confidence and enhance our beauty.

Complete eye makeup is essential if you want to achieve your best look or totally change your look. It doesn’t matter if you got the most expensive top-brand eye makeup products, if you don’t know their right application it’s a waste. Learn the skill of right eye makeup and be ready to stand out from the crowd.

Emphasize the best part of your eyes and hide blemishes with right techniques. With the proper eye makeup, you can create a magic and attract anyone with your beautiful eyes. Whether your eyes are big or small, right amount of makeup products can highlight your eyes elegantly. Healthy eyes can speak thousand words and give you that “glam look” that can make any man your slave.

Eye Makeup Equipments:

For complete eye makeup you require eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara etc. Applying can be fun if you know the correct application of eye shadow colors, brushes, eyeliner, curler and mascara.

Eye shadows: Apply a liquid foundation or concealer before using eye shadow. This will help your eye shadow to stay longer and vibrant on your eyelids. If you don’t have a concealer or foundation, you can also use lotion or water. To highlight under the brow, use light shades (blue, beige, light green, light gray) and dark shades on the lid and the crease of the eye.  If you are using light shades, then draw a thin line with liquid eye liner over the upper lash line as close to it as possible. Mainly, there are three kinds of eye shadow application types– smokey, extreme and standard tones. Choose an eye shadow that goes well with your eye color to highlight these.

Women with blue eyes should go for smoky eye shadows. You can choose colors like hues of brown, dark chocolate, beige or light brown. For a simple natural look, choose a dark blue eye shadow. You can also apply shades of silver, plum, berries and turquoise.

Eyeliners: is an essential tool for a complete eye makeup products. Apply the eyeliner on the top of the eyelids and your eyes will look bigger. You can also apply your liner under the lower lashes. Eyeliners are available in various colors as liquid or pencils. Eyeliners are applied starting from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner.

Mascara: Curl your lashes with a good quality curler before applying the mascara. It highlights the eyes and the lashes look thicker and darker. You can choose waterproof mascara or smudge-proof mascaras. Water-poof mascaras are easy to remove or apply. Use black mascara as it goes with any eye shadow. Go for waterproof mascaras in the monsoon season.Mascara by Jordana

Note: Don’t forget to clean your face and eyes before applying any makeup and remove your makeup with a good-quality makeup remover before going to bed.


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