Nothing in this world is ever permanent. This saying is especially true with fashion, styles and trends. No trend will forever be in style. With this fast-changing industry, all we have are a few fashion and closet staples. These clothes are basic, simple styles that are versatile enough to be worn in different ways and styled in various fashions.

These items are like a blank canvas, where you are free to accessorize, style and modernize them in accordance to your own preferences. These pieces may appear unremarkable at first, but rest assured that they are forever dependable. You must understand that there are times when not every piece of clothing you have should be remarkable; there are some that are made just to be reliable. Here are some of the most dependable pieces of clothing you should have in your closet:

1. The Little Black Dress. This dress has been serving women since time allows. Odd that such a simple dress can project such sophistication and elegance. This dress will flatter the curves, highlight the style and enhance the beauty – of each individual. It is not the center of attention but instead, it allows you to focus on your hair, accessories, shoes and bag. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that black is known for its slimming properties.


black dress

Little Black Dress

2. Classic Men’s White Shirt. You might be wondering what a man’s shirt is doing in the list of a woman’s clothing staple. However, it is included for a very good reason. A classic white men’s shirt is very simple, unpretentious and extremely versatile. It can be worn with denim pants, a skirt, shorts, black pants, and even a gown! That’s just how versatile it is. It looks so effortless, yet incredibly chic.

3. Denim. Denim pants, shorts, jackets and pedals are the most practical piece of clothing ever designed. In fact, its simplicity is the crux of your entire outfit. Denim brings practicality and simplicity to any outfit. If ever you want to dress down and make an uptight outfit look relaxed, then wearing denim is your best bet. It caters for casual, sophisticated, hip, edgy, and even sexy styles. The only debatable style would be business or corporate; but it still allows for a decent number!

4. Diamonds. Almost every girl wants to wear diamonds at least once – whether for their reputation, or by personal choice. Aside from the fact that they can brighten up any outfit, they also add elegance to even the most casual of outfits. Diamonds are also not bound to seasonal limitations; they can be worn and accepted any time, and anywhere.

basic wardrobe

Staples/Basics Aren't Subject To Change

5. Ballet Flats. When it comes to shoes, ballet flats are one pair that should be found in your closet. There are times when we have to give our heeled pumps a rest (along with our feet). This is where ballet flats come in. They are a good alternative to heels during these times – Times when you are driving, walking in the sand and when life’s moments force you to suck it up and run.

6. A Gorgeous Bag. Actually, your closet should have a bag for all the biggest occasions or circumstances. You should have a sturdy and roomy bag for traveling; a clutch bag for formal and informal gatherings; a business bag large enough for notepads and even stationary and a bag that you just couldn’t keep your eyes off, good enough for every other occasion!


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