Gatsby moving rubber has become extremely popular over the years and is the top selling product line for Mandom, a Japanese hair styling, and personal beauty care manufacturer. Mandom has been around for just under a decade creating products for their eleven managed brands. Of their many brands they have two top shelf, flag ship brands; Gatsby and Lucido.

Mandom was originally founded as the Kintsuru Perfume Corporation by Shinpachiro Nishimura in 1927. In 1933 they created and began manufacturing the Tancho Stick, a men’s Japanese hair wax. Mandom saw great success with the Tancho Stick and they ran with it. The company proceeded to change their name to the Tancho Corporation. After doing so they developed a more aggressive expansion plan, attempting to get their products out beyond Japan, Tancho Stick sales continued to skyrocket.

Due to the great reception and success of their men’s personal and hair styling products, Tancho released a new product line named Mandom, a combination of “Human” and “Freedom.” This newly created line caught hold of quick success for Mandom. Again the company saw the opportunity from the new products they were creating. This prompted the company to again change its name, this time to Mandom in 1971.

Mandom was now refining their success formula as the company continued growing. In 1976 the company introduced their newest and soon to be flagship brand, Gatsby. Gatsby consists of many products focused on men’s beauty care. Their product line covers everything from hair styling, hair coloring, and body care, face care and shaving. Mandom’s bestselling products are their hair styling products named Gatsby moving rubber hair wax products. The Gatsby moving rubber line consists of seven different versions differentiated by color.

  • Grunge Mat – Grey
  • Air Rise – Green
  • Loose Shuffle – Orange
  • Cool Wet – Blue
  • Wild Shake – Purple
  • Spiky Edge – Pink
  • Nuance Motion – Yellow

In 1988, riding the continued success from their Gatsby moving rubber and beauty line, Mandom went public and began selling shares on the Tokyo exchange’s over-the-counter market. A year later Mandom wanted to explore new markets. With plans to compete in the women’s beauty industry, Mandom released a women’s cosmetic line named Lucido. Determined to sustain its continued growth, Mandom then made their appearance in the international market, hoisting up both the Gatsby and Lucido brands to be used as their global flagship brands.

Mandom is a company with very longstanding ties to the men’s and women’s personal beauty and hair care market. The company proudly boasts having 84 years of experience under their belt. Mandom has had plenty of time to test and refine their products into their current product line their product offerings have been tweaked and tested over years. Mandom has always been pushing the limit when it comes to personal beauty products, so you can rest assured that whether you are out buying some Gatsby wax or by chance you are picking up some Lucido Designing Aqua, you will be getting a quality hair styling product.



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