Thousands of people are involved in traffic accidents every year. Many of these people escape without injuries and just a scrape to their vehicle. However more serious accidents often result in an “insurance loss” car, which basically means that the vehicle only has scrap value. In these situations the owner of the vehicle is left in a tricky situation because it seems that the vehicle is more of a burden than an asset.

There are different categories for damaged cars. The most severely damaged ones are called D cars. These are beyond repair and there are only a few parts left which will have any value to a scrap merchant. Category C cars are still severely damaged but they all repairable. However they are usually deemed as being write-offs to insurance companies, because the cost of restoration is more than the cost of actually purchasing a new replacement vehicle. The other categories A and B, refer to vehicles which can be repaired.

After being involved in a road traffic accident anybody with a category C or D car will usually just want to get rid of the vehicle. Sometimes there is a charge for collection from a scrap merchant or they will sometimes simply remove the car from your property, or the accident site for free. Sometimes there is nobody in the local area who wants the vehicle and in this case it will be the owner’s responsibility to get rid of the car themselves. This can be done by either breaking it up on the site or by employing somebody who will take the car apart and remove it to a public dumping ground.

These days there is a new option which is becoming very popular because it is free and convenient. There are now companies which operate on the internet which offer to buy . These companies have low overheads because they simply run a website, but they have connections to scrap merchants across the whole country. They deal in large amounts of damaged vehicles and they get the best value for them.

This means that they collect cars for free and they will actually pay money when they collect them. Selling damaged cars in this way is the easiest choice because the vehicle owner does not need to do anything. They simply visit the website, enter some basic details about the vehicle and wait for a representative to visit them. When the company visits the vehicle owner’s home, they transfer the money directly to their bank account and remove the car from the premises. This is a completely new way of getting rid of damaged cars and it is highly effective and hassle free. UK damaged car owners can visit or for those in other countries a simple search online should bring up a similar service.


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