Breakdown coverBeing a member of a breakdown organisation gives you invaluable peace of mind when you are driving on the UK’s busy roads. It’s a comforting thought to know that a helpful mechanic from the RAC, AA or other recovery organisation is on call to help you through a breakdown situation. If you value your time highly, then joining a breakdown organisation should mean you lose as little time as possible should your car develop a fault. Even if you have a brand new car, it can still go wrong, and given the complexity of new cars, most of the time it will need a specialist to attend to the vehicle.

After you have made the decision that you want breakdown cover, you will need to consider which type of policy is best for you. To keep costs down for consumers, breakdown organisations offer a variety of policies, starting with basic assistance and then adding more features such as Home Start. Your cover can either be for a particular person or a particular vehicle. The various types of breakdown policy include the following:

- Roadside Recovery – This is the basic policy that covers you at the roadside, but would not cover a breakdown at home. If your car can’t be fixed at the roadside, you’ll usually be given a tow to an approved garage (or sometimes home if that’s nearby too).

- Home Start – This addition gives you cover for when your car won’t start at home. This is quite a useful addition, as a high percentage of car breakdowns occur at home, e.g. flat batteries, problems starting in cold weather.

- Onward Journey – This type of policy will provide you with help to continue your journey if repairing your car is going to take a long time. For example, it can provide reimbursement for train travel or car hire. If your journeys are always very important, e.g. you travel on business, then an onward journey policy may be of particular interest. It could also be a blessing if you regularly travel with a young family, as it would not be fun waiting for the car to be fixed with young kids.

- European Breakdown Cover – A full European policy is ideal if you often travel through Europe. However, if your trip is just a one-off, then note that short-term policies are also available, and these might work out cheaper.

It’s wise to think carefully about what level of cover you will want. For example, if your car has a serious problem that cannot be fixed at the roadside and you’ll want to be able to continue on to your destination, then you will have to opt for an Onward Journey Policy. Another consideration might be how reliable your car is. If it’s very reliable, you might be content with just a basic policy to help in the event of a breakdown. However, if your car isn’t too good for reliability and you expect to breakdown more often, you might want to increase your cover to include the Onward Journey option. Some breakdown policies have an age limit for vehicles, so you could find it difficult to find a policy if you have a very old car.

If you asked someone to name a breakdown organisation, they would probably say either the AA or the RAC. We all recognise the yellow vans of the AA and the orange vans of the RAC. As major organisations, they both run their own patrols, and this gives them a better chance of repairing your car at the roadside, minimising your inconvenience. You can quickly compare breakdown cover online as it’s so easy to visit each of the providers’ websites to see what they are offering. You can also often get a discount if you apply for your cover online. We’re sure you’ll find a policy suitable for your needs, but hopefully you won’t have to call on it too often! Have fun on your travels!

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