When someone buys a car they want to spend as little as possible. When I wanted to sell my car, I had to take into consideration the fact that most people don’t want to pay too much. Once you figure out how much your car is worth and how much you want to sell it for, try to stick to that price. Everyone will attempt to talk the price down by a few hundred dollars. If you originally set the price higher than normal, marking the price down wont affect you at all. If you set the price at exactly what you need to receive, marking down the price could be a major issue. There are a few things to remember when negotiating the price of your car during the selling process.

The first thing is to remember the condition and value of your car. If your vehicle is in mint condition with barely any repairs, don’t let the buyer talk you down too much. To start the negotiation process you could begin pointing out a

ll of the positive attributes the car has. Some of these could be the low mileage on the motor or the fact that the air conditioning is still cold. In the warmer states, air conditioning is a must. If you advertise the fact that the A/C still runs great, you will get more people who are interested. Another good point to tell the buyer is if it has not gotten into any accidents. Most cars that have been in an accident have been repaired. This means the parts are not original and it has been messed with. That can be a downfall to a buyer. Most people want to buy a car that has original parts.

The next thing to remember is the insurance costs of the car. With smaller cars, insurance does not require a high payment. You can point out that your insurance payments were minimal and very affordable. When I want to sell an old car, I will point out the fact that the automatic seatbelts count as a discount when it comes to car insurance. Little things that lower the overall cost of insurance will be good to discuss. One last point to talk about with your buyer is the quality of the tires. If they are relatively new, the buyer might be more willing to pay a higher price. Tires can be pretty expensive so if they still have a lot of tread, they will not have to buy tires for a while.


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