Whatever that makes your job easy and simple is known as machine and in the mechanical field there have always been thousands of tools. To tell that one tool is important than the other would be a lie as each tool has its own specialty and is known for its uniqueness when put to work.

Even though there are unique tools to work with at some point it becomes difficult for the human brain to judge the required information for a certain number of works. This is where tools like torque wrench comes in.

What is torque wrench?

It is nothing but a device to tighten bolts and nuts. Its working principle is same as the working principle of spanner. Both are used for the same purpose. Except to the fact that torque wrench is a bit specially advanced.

What is special about it?

Let me explain the specialty of it. Suppose you are required to tighten a bolt or a nut and the manual of the machinery upon which you are working says that the bolt or nut should not be tightened above such and such level, what will you do? Can you use a spanner and tighten randomly without knowing the exact torque that has to be applied or you would just tighten randomly?

If you are doing it in either way it is sure that the tightened nut or bolt is about to worn down. This is because certain nuts and bolts require a certain amount of force for the proper functioning. Giving it too less or too high may spoil the entire working of the machine. This is where the torque wrench helps us.

How does it work?

The working of this wrench is simple. There is a meter in the handle that will show the various torque forces that are to be applied. If the manual says or you know that certain amount of torque is required to tighten the bolt or nut, you just have to use the mark in the wrench to the desired point. And after that you can simply tighten the bolt or nut and when it reaches the required amount of torque the wrench simply cuts off automatically, now isn’t that simple?


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