If you’re a motorist, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re spending more money on your car than you are on yourself. You are. The fact is that the cost of owning a car has gone through the ceiling, and everything is costing a fortune.

Parking, on road costs, you name it, there are plenty of ways of spending your money. The key to getting this cost monster under control are all based on locking in your budget spending on things like car insurance , servicing and other routine costs. That can save you a lot of money over time, and take a lot of the sting out of the constant spending.

Budget essentials

The whole idea of a budget is to pin down your costs. That means doing things in advance, and preventing problems.

A little planning can go a very long way:

  • Parking

Parking costs can be serious costs, and they’re continuous. Figure out how much you spend a week on parking, and then figure out what you could do with the amount you spend in a year. Find better options. Try to find one or two new possibilities, so you’ve always got a backup to minimize your costs. It may take a while, particularly if you’re in a difficult location, but it will be worth it. Carpooling is another option, and it does save money over time.

  • Get car insurance which gives you some control over your costs:

There’s a new type of car insurance on the market which allows you to do everything online, including manage your policy and even add on extra drivers. You can change your plan to suit your driving needs and cut costs on premiums as well. These policies are becoming extremely popular. They’re very quick, very straightforward, and if you’re a typical suburban driver, the policies are tailor made for you, including everything from replacement transport through to quite cheap car insurance policies.

  • Get your servicing organized:
  1. You need a reliable car service which can do any routine work on site or on the road when you need it, doesn’t charge “travel” or “membership” fees and give you upfront quotes and full warranties. These costs can be managed simply because you’ve got a good reliable service working for you.
  2. You also need regular car servicing to prevent expensive problems. Most car problems start when the car performs differently, there’s a smell or a noise, and surprise, surprise, soon after there’s a problem. This is a no-brainer- Get your car service when it’s supposed to be serviced, and you’ll prevent these things before they happen. If you’ve got the engine tuned, the brakes and steering toned up, and the suspension and wheels under control, you won’t have most of these problems.
  • Do you need to use the car?

You can also take the soft option: If you don’t really need to take the car, don’t take the car. The money you save on fuel will help offset the other costs.

You can save money all over the place, if you really make an effort. Your budget will look better than ever before. Think about it and see what you can do.



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