Car Insurance in California and Florida

auto insurance

Car Insurance

Auto insurance is an insurance purchased by people for their cars, vans and other motor vehicles. It is done in order to get financial coverage in cases of physical damages and injuries caused due to accidents and other factors. Every region has its own regulations for car insurance which depends on the statistical traffic data in that region. In many regions, it is compulsory to have insurance before using the vehicle on road.

Why Car Insurance?

Car insurance gives protection to the policyholder in case of financial losses involving their vehicle. The insurance coverage includes:

  1. Vehicle coverage, in case of theft or damage
  2. Legal coverage
  3. Medical coverage, for injuries in case of injuries

Many times, it becomes a very confusing work to compare insurance quotes of two different programs. Therefore, consulting an insurance websites and getting quotes from different organizations help much in choosing a suitable insurance policy.

Car insurance in California

The California auto insurance law only requires liability coverage of car insurance for the drivers. The drivers not following the norms of auto insurance in California face harsh penalties including cancellation of driver’s license and registration. This also includes heavy fines and impoundment of vehicles in many cases. There is also a norm for repeat offenders which includes fine up to $500.

The list of top insurance companies in California includes State Farm, California State Automobile Association Inter-Insurance Bureau, Allstate, Mid-century Insurance etc.  There is also a program called Program which is made to help drivers with low-income to get their vehicles insured. Post Insurance Services, Inc. offers cheap California auto insurance with its wide range of insurance policies. Buying insurance in California is not much tiresome affair. Rates for car insurance in California is low from other US states. The average amount of premium paid here is about $850 which is low as compared to other states.

Car insurance in Florida

The law requires coverage of personal injury and property damage liability. The amount of both the coverage should be $10000. This is also a state in United States which has no-fault car insurance which do not applies to many state’s car insurance laws.If a four-wheeler vehicle is insured in Florida, it must be done by the licensed company by the state. The penalties applied on violating Florida auto insurance norms include suspension of driving privileges and registration for up to three years. The fines can be up to $500.

There are many companies offering auto insurance in Florida and since it is a very boosting and competitive market for companies, cheap insurance are also offered by many. There are more than 150 companies operating here in Florida. Top insurance companies in Florida offering their policies includes Hartford, MIC insurance, New Hampshire Indemnity, American Federation, Cincinnati etc. these companies have tailor-made programs to suit every needs of drivers which are offered on reasonable prices too. Almost every company boast of offering cheap Florida auto insurance but the one which seems more convincing is Allstate. The rates for auto insurance in Florida are not much high which is due to the high competition in this segment.



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