Advantages of Buying a Used Car

Why buying used cars is advantageous?

Did you know that more used cars are sold each year in the U.S. and Canada than new cars? The reason is simple.  Affordability.  Today, buying a late-model used car certainly makes better sense.  But there are many more advantages to opting for a used car over a brand new one besides the fact that they are more affordable.  Read on to discover what these are.

buying used carsLower Price

Want to buy a luxury car at a more wallet-friendly price?  Then shop around for a sparingly used one. Consider this.  For a new Honda Accord LX you would have to shell out around $21,500.  But a two year old one with around 24,000 miles would cost you about $4,000 to $5000 less.  Sometimes a used car could even be bought for up to half the price of a new car of the same kind.

Even those who are keen on owning a luxury car as a status symbol can benefit by purchasing a used car.  For example, instead of buying a new Toyota Camry XLE V6 for $30,000, for the same amount they could drive home a two-year old, more luxurious car like a Lexus ES330.

Wider choice

Unlike new cars that come at a fairly fixed price, used cars come in a range of prices because of differences in mileage and condition.  For the same reasons, when it comes to used cars, consumers can also pick from a wider selection of car models.  For example, some buyers may decide to buy cars which have less mileage but are in almost perfect condition, while others may prefer those which have a higher mileage but are in a less perfect condition.  By deciding on what features are more important for them, people can thus buy a car that will match their budget.  This is not possible when buying a new car.

CPO programs

Today, most manufacturers offer “certified pre-owned” (CPO) programs.  These programs give even used car buyers an assurance of quality and reliability.  CPO cars usually cost a little more, but they offer many benefits.  Usually, manufacturers choose late-model used cars and trucks without any history of major damage for these programs.  Also, they are subjected to a rigid inspection process, and are usually covered by a warranty extending beyond the original factory warranty.

You avoid depreciation

A new car loses value on depreciation soon after it is driven off from the dealership lot.  In general, a new car loses around 30 percent of its value within the first two years of ownership.  So by buying a used car, you miss out on this initial depreciation which has already been borne by someone else.

You avoid additional costs

Certain items like the transportation cost are included in the price tag of new cars. In addition, fees added by the dealership for cleaning and shipping also push up the price.  When you buy a used car you save money by avoiding such additional expenditure.  Also, since a used car has a lower price, the taxes will also be lower.

Used Cars from Japan

Did you know that you can easily import used cars from Japan? Japanese used cars are sparingly used, have very high quality and reliability and cost much lower than the used cars available locally.  In addition to cars, you can also import used Japanese trucks, vans, buses, and other vehicles.

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