During the upcoming year, Indians are going to be amazed by seeing the new launches of the cars. Here is the latest information on the expected car launches in India. Hatchback cars are very popular in India. When you will look at the Ionian roads, you will find that out of 10, 7-8 coupes are from the hatchback segment. This clearly concludes that compact cars are the demand of the Indians and rulers in the market. According to the current scenario, auto companies simply making bets on the hatchback cars and are definite about the success of these coupes on the market.

Maruti Suzuki YL7

This coupe is considered as the replacement of the Maruti A-Star. The company has already presented the concept in front of the world of the similar model, while the production is expected to be displayed at the 2014 Indian auto expo.  People are really going to be impressed with the new look of the car and its dynamics. The company is optimistic from this coupe. The car is certainly going to be comfortable and spacious, the wheelbase is amazing, certain elements such as leather wrapped steering wheels, touch screen display and gear knobs enhance the look of the cabin

Maruti Swift Facelift

This coupe is one of the top selling Hatchback cars in India Maruti swift is soon going to update the information for the exteriors. The competition level is very high and Maruti is also ready to dive in the competition with the facelift. This model has LED roof mounted lamp, LED daytime running lights, sixteen inch alloy wheels in the top variant. Other features include auto-up one touch function, electronically adjustable side mirrors, automatic headlamps and many other things. Mechanically there will be no change in the car.

Dastun Go

Dusting is the low cost brand of Dastun and will soon be revealed in the range of the Indian markets. The company after 32 years has revived this brand and has stepped in the market that is emerging with a stronger presence. This coupe will be placed in the hatchback category, and this will be the first among several products of the company that will walk down in India. The coupe is sharing a variety of components witch Micra, Nissan’s regular hatch but as compared to all of them; it is certainly going to be more spacious.

Honda Jazz

This coupe was not able to gain too much popularity in the Indian market, the reason for this was unjustifiable pricing. According to the Indian market, this car was launched with a steep price tag, which was not liked by the people indicating that it was a wrong step taken by Honda. Moreover the concept was rich enough but at the infant stage and was not able to entice customers. Nevertheless, over the earlier scenario hatchbacks are more popular. Therefore, this time Honda jazz will be again pitched against other hatchbacks. So get ready for some of the cool coupe launches in the New Year.



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