I'm The Great Gordino, aka Gordon Bryan - a writer and marketer from the UK. I firmly believe that *anyone* can make amazing changes to their life by following certain ideas and theories. Why do I believe it? Because I've done it myself! You can read about the adventures I've been on, and the ideas that took me there via my book, my blog, and my free 8 step goal achievement theory.

What’s Barcelona’s Goal Achievement Secret?

Late May 2011, and Barcelona beat Manchester United for the second time in 3 years in the final of the Champions League. Some commentators are suggesting they might be the best club team that’s ever played, and in this article I want to delve... read more »


Lewis Hamilton Tries Stand Up Comedy- And Fails!

An incident filled 2011 Monaco Grand Prix saw Lewis Hamilton penalised twice. In a post race interview he made a comment which suggests a career in stand up comedy is not for him… Lewis Hamilton arrived on the Formula 1 scene with a bang.... read more »


Is The NFL Jealous Of Soccer?

The NFL is a huge success, a money making sporting spectacle. It’s a huge part of the culture of the US, and has a fan base in many countries. It doesn’t have the global reach of soccer though, and in this article I want to examine something... read more »


Can You Achieve Goals Without Change?

One reason a lot of people give for not going on a path of goal achievement, is that they don’t want to have to ‘change’. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to achieve goals without change? Is that even possible? This article explain why... read more »


Goal Achievement – Is The Marathon Too Easy?

When I say ‘too easy’, I don’t mean it’s too easy to actually do a marathon! No, I mean is too easy to use a marathon to relate goal achievement theory? Maybe it’s so obvious that it seems boring or corny? In this article... read more »


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